Celebrities speak on Chibok school girls’ abduction (2) 

Since the protest to free the missing Chibok school girls started, Nigerian celebrities have not been left behind. We asked them their opinion on the abduction of the innocent children…

antarANTAR LANIYAN, producer/actor

It’s a good development that the CDS confirmed the location of the kidnapped Chibok school girls. But to me, I don’t know who is telling the truth about this Boko Haram issue. I believe the federal government needs to just find a way of getting these innocent girls released without being harmed. It is after that we can celebrate.


Bolaji RosijiBOLAJI ROSIJI, entertainer

The video is not the issue, I think more serious effort should be made to rescue the girls who have spent over 53 days in the forest.  I also think we all need to support our government and all serious initiatives to free the girls.

In the same vein, knowing their location, as the Army claim, is also a positive development that should be strategically harnessed. What is important now is to rescue the over 200 Chibok, Borno schoolgirls who are languishing in captivity.


Ganiyat OwoseniThe statement credited to the Chief of Defence of Staff is a sign of relief to Nigerians from. It’s good hearing that the source, and I believe it has also been confirmed by the presidency. But despite that, we still need to be prayerful about the safety of the girls.

The military should be very careful in dealing with the issue, now that President Jonathan has ordered a full blown war against Boko Haram insurgents.



mc patoAUSTINO MILADO, producer

I join in the on-going campaign to free the Chibok school girls. More repulsive is the recent report that some of them have taken ill and starving.

And since the Army said they now know their location, they have to rescue them as fast as they can.

Princess ChinekePRINCESS CHINEKE, actress

The abduction of the Chibok school girls is quite unfortunate and everything should be done to bring them back. And now that the Army said they have located the missing girls, I think they should strategize and free them.


Shirley-Igwe-1SHIRLEY IGWE, actress

That the Chibok school girls have spent over 47 days in Sambisa forest is a shame. I urge the Federal Government to please free the innocent girls. I am also happy that the army now know where they are. So, they should bring back our girls.



19 (2)RITA EDMOND, artiste

It is unfortunate that over 200 Chibok school girls are still held in captivity and life goes on. We are still pleading for the release of the Chibok girls, 64 days after their abduction by Boko Haram.


Osagie-Osarenkhoe.-Photo-TCD-PhotographyOSAGIE OSARENKHOE, artiste manager

It’s bad enough this happened in our beloved Nigeria.

Two months later, there is no hope in sight for these abducted girls. My prayers are with them.



austinoMC PATO, comedian

It’s so sad and frustrating that the Chibok girls have not yet been rescued after over 64 days. I pray they would be brought back to their parents as soon as possible.


SKUKI, artiste

SkukiThe abduction of Chibok girls has been stretching into several weeks we never thought possible. Now, it’s getting emotionally exhaustive, to think that the innocent 200 young girls still hangs in equipoise and we’re still not certain where these events would land.

We heard the US, France, UK were aiding us with intelligence and technologies, but still it doesn’t seem we have come close to having our girls back.

It’s about seven weeks. The Nigerian Army said recently that they know where the girls are, but they can’t force a rescue. What is the next step then… Negotiation?

There is definitely a political side more than what we are being told. There might be a tribal side to it, but I refuse to believe there is a religious side to it. And even the tribal angle of this whole episode is the projection of only a selfish few to further their personal interest, not the wishes of the Nigerian citizens.

Regarding the state of security in Nigeria, it didn’t decompose to this dungeon like a habitat in one night. Rome was not built in a day, so the camp, the network and colony of these terrorists was not established in a blink of an eye. It evolved through natural processes, from puppy to beast.

This solution lies in us, the new generation. No doubt, the older generation has failed us and change, they shall not, till death.

In conclusion I would say, instead of cursing the darkness, we youths shall light a candle and begin our own journey to a new Nigeria. We shall have a different mindset, a new generation of politicians shall arise, who receive their sense of worth and glory from their service to the people and not by the stolen gold and silver stored in their Swiss accounts. We need not the support of the older generation, for hardly would they lend it, for our successes would only highlight their insolvency.

We are not in any way against them, no. We are just for a better Nigeria. It is them (the older generation) who shall choose if they are for us or against us.


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