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Celebrities step in to stop Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz reported imbroglio

Celebrities are as bewildered as fans over the mind boggling revelations seen on the Instagram page of TeeBillz (Tunji Balogun) as he accuses his popular singer wife Tiwa Savage of ruining their two year marriage.

Concerned stars are praying for the couple…


And this my dear friends is what Jesus meant when he said "if your eye (anything) will make you sin…pluck (delete) it put". And as a very obedient child, you know what to do. Don't mind those who say learn to tolerate. If you are somewhere and the air is so foul, do you tolerate? If you are in a place and you are not sure of your safety, will you not extrapolate yourself from there? So why is it hard for you to understand that people who don't add value and are bent on erasing the little you have should be distanced? And by distanced, I don't mean ignored. I meant cut off totally. Or did Jesus say close your eyes? Na he said pluck it out! It means go to the extreme to protect your sanity. Unhealthy company can make you sick and drive you to seek the things that will eventually kill you. So starting with my online platforms, if I catch a whiff of anything that can use its reggae to spoil my blues… I am yanking the communication channel. No time to look time. I am not here on a popularity drive. I am here because I have got friends who would like to contact me and vice Versace. That is a vice versa that is by design not by accident. Yes. That's vice Versace. Anyway, Like I say, I am online to share, interact, learn and be better informed. If you don't flow on this frequency, Bye bye you are the weakest link… And you leave with nothing. Oh! By the way, I know some will say what I am about smacks of arrogance… Can you put that down so I can pluck you out too. Seriously, the constitution guarantees each of us freedom of association. Its not by force to relate with everyone. It's not even by force to even Go to church. And that's "a godly thingz" o. Talk less of people who want to drag you to their level of existence that is enveloped in all shades of valueless grand standing of social media tolerance. Abeg, control_shift before I tint you! As we say in warri. Let me thank all who have enriched me by sharing on my online platforms. You have helped to grow my mind. Gracia or something like that

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It saddens me to see someone i had love for going thru it and keepin my mouth shut. I dont do this social media bullshit. I mind my own business and handle my own business. So many things happen behind closed doors, so many secrets will come out to the open, so many disappointments will happen even with the ones you truly love. What brings true happiness is finding yourself, being true to urself and worrying less about how others feel about u. To say the least, being selfless is the key. I havent talked to my bro @teebillz323 In over 4 yrs nor have i seen him or cared to see him. But i must admit it saddens me to see him in such state. I coulda got ur fone number, email or whatever thru many means but id rather do it this way. This is the only time i will use social media to express myself on this issue. None of these rants come as news to me. A lotta people will try to put dirt on your name and make u look bad at this tough time, do not break, All i have to say is whatever demons u fighting my G, come out on top. Wish u the best. ✌🏾️💯

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I woke up this morning to an ordinary day. The weather was perfect and there was a sense of hope that filled the air…….. Until I turned my phone on and the world turned upside down. I'm going to be 40 in a few days and I thought I had seen it all. Despite all the rumors about the Baloguns, I always presumed all was well on the Homefront and they were just rumors. My phone rang and it was my radio wife @kaylahoniwo calling. After a brief conversation, we both agreed upon the fact that his account must have been hacked. This is not the Tunji I know. The one I know is the most wonderful person on earth and if there is anyone I owe a Favour Tunji is that one person. I remember when I returned from California in 2013, I had become the first Nigerian to win the prestigious Nickelodeon KCA and it seemed a bigger deal to Tunji than even to me that won the award. He had on my behalf reached out to the press to celebrate this achievement which he described as 'major' in his own words, without me asking. Then I had my public meltdown when my previous relationship failed and he along with @aimakhutoyin were the first people to reach out to me to console me and my respect for him grew. Then there was this one time, on Saint Valentine's day, when Lagos seemed to have run out of flowers and I remembered that @thepoloavenue had an event the night before and they had the most breathtaking white roses I had ever seen. I went over to get some of the flowers for bae and lo and behold Tee Billz was there with similar intentions. I saw him as the most romantic husband and lover. In the same vein, when speaking to Tiwa during an interview on @coolfmlagos she was all over him. Purring like a cat at each mention of his name. I am still hoping an announcement will be made that his account was hacked… However, if at all the rumor turns out to be true, I implore each and everyone of us not to judge them, instead, let's keep them in our prayers. #BeautifulCouple #BeautifulPeople

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