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Celebrity hairstylist, BOBBY EKE back on his feet

‘Stroke is not a good thing; I thank God I’m alive!’

FOREMOST hairstylist, Bobby Eke of Bobby’s Signature is gradually stepping into his exalted position.  He was down with stroke for a couple of years but gradually regaining his vibrant life.  He was at the Lagos Fashion Design Week, My Hair Story told in Lagos by Today’s Woman in conjunction with Dark and Lovely.  He was also in charge of making models’ hair during the Native and Vogue event in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly visited his Ogundana Street, Ikeja, Lagos salon, there was no evidence that the man of the house has been sick.  In fact, the salon was looking lively and wearing a new look as well, thanks to the gentleman’s elder sister, Mrs. Ada Da-Silva and ever capable hand, Biodun Church.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him about his health, recovery and business.

Bobby EkeHow is the state of your health now?

I am fine, thank you.  I am getting better. I am recovering already.  I give God all the thanks.

We have seen you in a couple of events, how does it feel to be back on your feet?

I am happy, I am really happy because stroke is not a good thing.  I thank God I am alive.

How is Bobby’s Signature doing, when should we expect to see you resuming fully there?

You can see me here now (smiles).  I am back, I have resumed work.  I started work as far back as 2011 but fully in 2012.

What are the lessons learnt from your ordeal?

I have learnt to be thankful in every situation, just keep praising Him.  That I am here today, it can only be God.

Is there a special diet you take now because of your health?

Yes, definitely.  I take more of vegetables, beans, little carbohydrate and fish.  I exercise as well, I must walk around every day.

What are the things that have changed about you?

I am closer to God. I pray more now.  I appreciate friendship more because a lot of people have been good to me. A lot of my friends came to my aid.

What are you most grateful for at this stage?

I am grateful that I am alive.  God kept my life up till now.  I went through a lot but I thank God I am alive.  God has been good to me. I am recovering gradually.  It is not easy but I will conquer it, I know I will conquer it.

Bobby EkeYou used to be a member of Fountain of Life Church, why did you quit?

I didn’t. I actually moved house.  I was living in Surulere, Lagos before but now, I have moved to Magodo because of my health.  I have to be worshipping elsewhere but I still go there, whenever they have special programmes.

How have you been running Bobby’s Signature ever since then?

I thank God for people around me.  I have good people around me.  Biodun Church stood by me and stood with me, he has been with me for a couple of years now. He is like a brother.  My sister, Mrs. Ada Da-Silva is also one of the people who have helped a lot. She is one of the reasons I have recovered this much.  Frank Osodi is also my good friend.  He has been very good to me.  A lot of people have been good to me.  I am using this opportunity to thank them all for staying with me.  If I should start mentioning names, the list will just be too long for me. I really appreciate them all.




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