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Celebs on how and where they celebrated their Sallah

On Thursday, September 24, 2015, muslims across the globe celebrated Eid-il-Kabir (Sallah) with the symbolic slaughtering of rams by those who could afford to do so. It was a moment of fun and a holiday period for both muslims and non-muslims, especially in Nigeria.

Some celebrities ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to shared their excitements about the colourful festival…

JOHN  FASHANU, ex-footballer

john 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 125928 PMWhat we (I mean myself and my good friend, Rachel Bakam) do traditionally is we buy different goods like rice, ram, food items, blankets and others and go around and distribute them to people in need, people who are less fortunate. This year, we were in Abuja and spent about two or three days.

Sallah is a time when we think about people, not about ourselves and our families alone.


DIDI EKANEM, actress

Didi 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10037 PMI travelled home to be with my family and it’s awesome having to be with them. I don’t really spend time with them, so it was really good. This has got to be the most memorable Sallah celebration for me because I rarely get to celebrate it as I am mostly at work. This is actually the first time enjoyed a real holiday during Sallah.



halima abubakarI didn’t celebrate the Sallah like I would have wanted to because I was on the sick bed. Thankfully, I’m fine now, but I didn’t get to celebrate it. I had already bought my ram for the celebration before it happened. It’s okay, I needed the rest anyway. I still got to kill it afterwards and celebrate.



kabirat kafidipe 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10155 PMI had a sober Sallah. Though, it was a nice one, my mind reached out to the stampede that happened in Mecca.

Every Sallah has its unique feature. I cannot say this is the most memorable.



Afeeze 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10308 PMI spent my Sallah at Owo Ijebu. I went to the prayer ground with my wife. We used the opportunity to attend my boss’s father’s funeral. We are just rounding up the ceremony now. I was the MC of the event. We will be going back to Lagos very soon. I will take the children back to school, then, work will continue.

Every Sallah has its specific excitement. I have been able to spend each Sallah the way I love to spend it.


DEMOLA ADUNOLA, entrepreneur

Demola-Adunola-480x300I celebrated Sallah with my family, friends, workers and associates here in Lagos as usual. Despite the economic situation in the country, everything went well and we all enjoyed ourselves. I thank God for that. I also went to Epe for Ojude Oba which was part of Sallah celebration in accordance with the tradition of the town.

I was with Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and other dignitaries. It’s a very colourful and memorable event. I thank God for sparing my life to witness this year’s Sallah and I pray for more of it in sound health.



sikiratu-sindodoI celebrated Sallah with my family and friends in Lagos, Surulere to be precise. It was a moment of joy and fun. My mother and every other member of our family were there enjoying and appreciating God for witnessing yet another Sallah in good health.

It was memorable just like every other Sallah I have ever celebrated. I pray to witness man\y more in sound health and prosperity.


OGE OKOYE, actress

Oge Okoye 1-Fullscreen capture 9302015 10543 PMI was at work, actually. I only had one day (that’s Friday) to myself and I spent it with my family indoors, watching movies. It was fun, really. That’s basically it. I won’t say it’s my most memorable, it’s just a time for one to rest and be with family.

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