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Celebs on how they celebrated Sallah

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, muslims all over the world celebrated Eil-el-Kabir (feast of sacrifice) in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s total submission to the will of Allah.

Some celebrities ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with told us how they celebrated the historic festival.


‘It was memorable occasion’ – MOYO LAWAL

Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal

I celebrated Sallah in Lagos with my family. It was memorable occasion. But my most memorable Sallah was in 2012, because my mom was alive then.






‘It was a nice celebration all through’ – SAIDI BALOGUN

saidi balogun

saidi balogun

First, we should all thank God for witnessing this year’s Eld-el-Kabir. It was a nice celebration all through. No matter the country’s situation, we still have every reason to thank God. I believe it was another moment of sober reflection.

How I wish the kidnapped Chibok girls also celebrated Sallah with us. Let’s also ask ourselves if we’re ready to be submissive to the will of Allah as Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Ismail did. Left to me, every Sallah I had ever celebrated was memorable. I thank God for that.

‘It was a wonderful moment’ – PRINCE DEMOLA ADUNOLA

Demola Adunola

Demola Adunola

I celebrated the Sallah in my house at Beckley Estate, Ojokoro, Lagos. It was a wonderful moment for me, my family and friends that came to celebrate with me. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves till the end of the day. It was among the most memorable Sallahs witnessed and celebrated so far because everything went well.

There was no disturbance from any quarter. It was an atmosphere of peace all through. I thank God for that.



‘We all shared the good and wonderful moment together’ – BANKE ADEWUNMI

Banke Adewunmi

Banke Adewunmi

I only celebrated Sallah with my friends in Lagos because my family is abroad at the moment. But I had fun all through. I really enjoyed myself. However, my most memorable Sallah still remains that of three years ago.

It was most memorable because all my family members abroad were all around for the festival. It was just like an avenue for family reunion. We all shared the good and wonderful moment together.


‘We had a lot of fun’ – XCHANGE TWINS

XChange Twins

XChange Twins

We are not Muslims but this year, we were entertained at former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s residence.

For us, this year was better and interesting because we had a lot of people to celebrate with.




‘It was a great and memorable Sallah’ – YINKA QUADRI

Yinka Quadri

Yinka Quadri

I celebrated this year’s Sallah in my hometown, Oke Ola Oro in Irepodun local government area, Kwara State. It was indeed a great and memorable event for me and the entire family. And being the Agba Akin of Oro Kingdom, I had to be in the palace of Oloro of Oro Kingdom, Oba Raphael Ajiboye, alongside other high chiefs, to celebrate the festival.

Then, the third day, that was Monday, October 6, 2014, we organized a special prayer for my late dad. The occasion attracted dignitaries from all walks of life. Among those in attendance were Kwara first lady, Alhaja Fatimoh Ahmed, two commissioners and other eminent indigenes of the state, including the Opo Mulero of Oro Kingdom, Chief Bode De-Way.

All the Sallahs I had celebrated so far were memorable but the most memorable one was that of this year. What made it unique was the prayer held in commemoration of 20 years of my father’s death. I give all the glory to Allah for making everything a huge success.


‘There was no money’ – MR. SURAJU ABDULRASAK

I usually travelled to the village during Sallah, but could not this year because there was no money. So I saved the little available for the children’s upkeep and since we could not travel, I decided to come to the beach to make them happy and feel the mood of the festive period.


‘It was a great Sallah celebration’ – MOSUNMOLA AJAYI

Ooh my God! It was a great Sallah celebration. I enjoyed every bit of it. For the fact that I’m not a Muslim but had a lot of fun with my Muslims friends going to Yidi together, went to cinema to see a film. In fact, I won’t lie to you, I enjoyed everything, I mean, everything.


‘It was a nice moment for the entire family’ – MONSURAT ADEGBEMIRO

It was celebrated at home in Lagos with family and friends. It was a nice moment for the entire family. Every Sallah has been memorable because it has always been an avenue for all the members of the family to come together as one. The whole house is usually filled with people from different places. And we always have fun.




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