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KAYODE SALAKO, businessman

The first I have set this year is to continue to be closer to God in a more realistic way. Then, I have resolved to be more responsive to any relationship that can help reposition my life economically. To keep more of relationships that will have better and more beneficial impact on my economic life and spiritual endeavours.

Another resolution I have made this year is to be at peace with everybody throughout the new year. Then, be more attentive and responsive to the needs of my wife, children and dependants within my economic and financial capabilities. To run my business better and live a more responsible life in 2014.

Finally, I have resolved to love my wife, Foluke Daramola-Salako more and live peacefully with her. I believe all these are achievable through self-discipline and prayer.



I have resolved to save more money this year. I want to curb unnecessary spending and cultivate the habit of saving. I realized that I spend my money on irrelevant items, so I want to imbibe saving culture.

It requires a lot of discipline and letting things go.


DAMI ANN, actress

My new resolution is to work harder and achieve success in all I do. No matter the hindrance, never give up or let go of my goals till I achieve them.

What informed this resolution is that in previous years, I easily gave up on things at the slightest criticism and I depended on people to help me.

I hope to achieve my resolution by drawing closer to God because with the grace of God, all things are possible.


STEVE ONU, On-Air Personality

To touch more lives, impact more people, try to achieve those goals I couldn’t meet last year. The desire to make Nigeria a better place by helping those in need.

I have a programme called Dialogue with the Mentors. It is still in the pipeline. It is a programme where professionals will talk about how they made it to motivate the youths to be great. I have five projects in mind and one of them is Widows Empowerment.


CHRIS ASEKEMOH, businessman

I want to make more money, may God help me. The desire to move up and make progress. I have a couple of projects I am working on – fashion related projects. African Fashion Network is also one of all these so that more money can come in.



For 2014, I would like to change certain things about myself and also try to be myself. One thing is that when growing, there are some things you would like to drop and some you would like to pick up. I am not growing any younger, so I need certain changes. I will be self disciplined. We should learn to cut our coat according to our clothes.


GOSPORELLA, On-Air Personality

My new year resolution is to seek first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness, so that all other things can be added to me. The need to receive from God.

I will achieve it by staying in His presence and right hand where there are pleasures forever.



My new year resolution is to focus more on the things that matter to me the most which are God, family and work in that particular order. We get side-tracked and consumed by things of very little consequence and they end up taking more of our time.

2014, for me, has to be a year of focus because there’s so much at stake, particularly with my new position as chairman of the caretaker committee of PMAN and being recently married as well. My goal is to achieve a balance between home and work in a way that none is left to suffer. The secret to achieving my goals is in God, putting Him first in everything and trusting that the rest will follow as planned. Once God is the focus, all other plans with hard work fall into place.



I don’t have a new year resolution. I only have projects about myself and my work within six months. Nothing really informed it, but I intend to grow in whatever endeavour I find myself, spiritual and careerwise. I intend to achieve it by working harder, being a lot more perceptive and intuitive, focused and push harder.



I will get on with the year, look up to God to do what He didn’t do for me last year. I don’t call them resolutions, anyway. I just want them done. The desire to grow, get better and live a fulfilled life. I will continue to look up to God.


IYABO OJO, actress

To be very busy with my movie, Silence because I am going to take it to the cinemas round the world. I am doing that because it tells a story about child abuse, that is, the negative impact it has caused on the child. It is a unique story coming from a unique angle. I am also not going to be picking scripts if they are not good for me.

Like I said, if you think a lot, you aim high. So, the higher you aim, the more ideas you have. To reduce on the movies I appear in and less interviews because by reducing them, I would concentrate on my movie production and promotion.


IYANYA, artiste

I want to do more than I did last year and impact more than I impacted last year. The joy and love that I found in my career informed my resolution. By God and support of my fans, I plan to achieve all these.



I don’t believe in new year resolution. I will continue with my normal life style but in a different way. I am planning to get started with some new ideas. You all will get to know as it unfolds. My passion for people’s health informed the resolution. Through God, faithfulness to my career and my clients.


YOMI FABIYI, producer

My new year resolution is to get closer to God as this is becoming more necessary. I also want to acquire more filming knowledge abroad, and qualify as a professional film director and producer. Then, shoot films that will win international awards, and be showcased in international film festivals.

I hope to achieve these by being more dedicated and prayerful.



My new year resolution is to make peace and chose friends rightly, ad be closer to God. I discovered I am more at peace with myself when I am at peace with others. I didn’t choose my friends right last year. So, I have to adjust this year. To achieve it, I have to put it into action.


SOUL E, artiste

I plan to release more matured songs and make things enjoyable for my fans. The love for what I do, and what I am best at. I love my fans and want to give them the best. I intend to achieve this through God, hard work and doing things right.



I want to be focused and calm. Then, take things the way they come. It’s a matter of time and trend. I am not getting any younger. So, I need to understand things from that perspective so that I can move forward. I believe through prayer, all things are possible.



My resolution is to serve God more and remain steadfast, hard working and caring. That is all I need and with God by my side, I will achieve everything.



I said to God to turn all my pains to joy for me and my kids. And He has started already. God has been faithful. It wasn’t easy but He did it for me. The resolution was just the way I felt.


TUNDE OWOKONIRAN. Fashion designer

My resolution for the year is tagged Change. As an actor and motivational speaker, I want to help change the way youths think about themselves in the area of education, society, government and health. I want to help educate them that we all have a part to play to develop as a people and a nation.

My resolution is driven by the way my life has changed positively. I intend to host seminars in schools and vocational centres, invite speakers to help orientate the youth about change.


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