CELEBS on plans for the new year (2)


It’s a new year, and everyone is hopeful that it will bring with it goodwill, favour and prosperity. Celebrities are not left out; while they are grateful for what 2015 brought, they are making plans to make the year a good one.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with a number of stars and they shared their plans for the new year…


SENATOR,  Comedian

2015 was a wonderful and splendid year, but at the same time challenging. Overall, God was faithful to a lot of us, especially me. The elections made everyone high-tensed last year, but we’re happy that everything turned out successful. The high point for us entertainers is that we made impact in the political scene with the likes of Desmond Elliot and a host of others. We’re making an impression. For me personally, I got my first endorsement last year, which was one highpoint for me in the year.

To up my game. As a brand ambassador, companies will begin to look at you as valuable items and you’ll need to defend the image. Also, I’ll be doing my first show in Lagos in September this year and I hope to round off my TV series that I’m shooting. This year is all work for me. The bottom line, however, is that we’re going to improve on our content.



My high point was that I was able to shoot a movie, and my low moment was a movie I eventually shot that did not have a name. Some things happened along the line and made the movie nameless. My plan is to produce a movie that will earn an award for me. I will work towards it and get the right connections to help the movie be a good one.

I want to shoot a movie that will involve Hollywood actors and actresses, a movie that will spread across the globe and get into the cinemas.


CHRIS OKAGBUE, model and actor

2015 was a good year for me. I was pretty busy on a lot of film projects and also series which will be hitting cinemas and TV in 2016. I also received a lot of recognition and achievement awards, about four awards in the last three months of 2015. I also had a few personal projects I was running. Some I’ve concluded and some are inconclusive. All in all, it was a great year and I owe it all to God.

My high points were winning so many awards back to back. It always feels good to know that people appreciate the good work you do and recognise you for it. I don’t think I really had any low point. Sometimes things go your way. Sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, I feel disappointed but only for a little while before I dust off my shoulder and push on with the hustle. New year, new hustle. I’ll continue with what I’ve always done which is striving to be better at everything I do. I have a few movies in the pipeline. I’m also going to be running my first solo film production by God’s grace. I’ll work hard as always and leave the rest to God. I’m confident 2016 will be a great year for me.


ALEX OKOROJI,  actress

2015 was a roller coaster economically, a mix of the good and bad…still for me, it was my year of growth. Despite the challenges that came with 2015, I managed to achieve some monumental accomplishments in different spheres, especially in the career frontier. I took my re-invention to the next level. I featured in a few movies. My self-help blog readership increased globally, my live internet talk radio show – The Naked Talk with Alex Okoroji is gaining momentum and global recognition, as I hosted some of the best radio conversations with global achievers from around the world. I got acknowledged for my writing. I spoke and mentored at a number of events and webinars. I started my coaching service – #AskAlex Talk Therapy and I published my first book – The Naked Truth: Lies Stripped. All in all I took advantage of my gifts and used them to empower millions of people in 2015. For that I am humbled and grateful.

My high periods were all the moments I spent with my family and loved ones, as well as all the great conversations I’ve had on radio and hitting above 2.4 million listeners on my show. As well as the moments I either motivated or inspired someone. My lowest periods were getting tragic news about terrorism and when my preferred candidate for the Lagos gubernatorial election in 2015 lost. My feelings about Jimi Agbaje’s loss weren’t political. It was more of a loss of hope in the system, in our faith for better leadership in Lagos. Still, I’m looking forward to being proved wrong.

My plan is to continue to grow. To empower, motivate and assist in the honest transformation of as many people as I can, using my multiple platforms. So, please expect some major leap in collaborations. As an expressionist and a creative entrepreneur, maybe some endorsements, who knows.

I believe in strategic alliance and adding value to the goals and vision of others. The Naked Movement would be getting some more global recognition. I would be speaking at more public events and improving my brand this year. Shooting more films, hosting more influential guests on radio, releasing my second book. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



2015 was wonderful, tasking, hard, easy – it was a mixture of everything. Generally, God was good to me last year, despite the elections, I can’t complain. I really bless God for that last. My high point is something I still want to keep a secret.

My prayer is that this year will be better. I was not able to have my show last year because of the elections, but we’ll be doing that this year by the grace of God. We just look forward to a brighter more rewarding year.


MAY D,  artiste

My highs for 2015 are my performances at shows in 2015, like the performance at the Access Bank show and the performance I did in London and the one I love so much is my performance with P-square after three years of separation.

My plan for 2016 is some collaborations and also release some singles.


YEMI SOLADE,  actor and producer

There is nothing special, nothing new. I have been working as I have always been. I do not have any plans really, God gives me the direction and I work when I am supposed to and rest when I should.

There’s nothing new I want to add to my career. I just do what I have been doing.



I give God the glory. 2015 was wonderful in my life and career, also in the lives of all the members of my family. It was during the year I travelled a lot for movie shots. I want to use this medium to appreciate a marketer, Golden Pictures, from Anambra who has been working with me on The Agony of The Dying Kingdom  and The Notorious Students.  I also featured in other movies, including Gifted, directed by Ibinabo Fiberesima and produced by Serendipity Media Promotions. That’s to say God was with me in my career during the year just as He has always been with me.

Although, 2015 came with its downs, God never left me alone. However, 2016 is here and I have said it that as honey is sweet so shall everything around me will be sweet and more of God’s surprises on me. And that also goes to my colleagues too that are struggling to move forward.

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