Celebs on plans for Valentine ’s Day

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, celebrities are putting things together to ensure they have a good time come February 14. Some will be performing at events, while others will just be spending time with family to mark the love themed day.

ENCOMIUM Weekly chatted with some celebs as they shared their Valentine plans with us…


AKPORORO, comedian

Valentine’s Day is my birthday. I intend to organize a football match and also go to the motherless babies home to show them some love.

My most memorable Valentine was in 2014 because I was prayed for by one of the senior ministers of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and I also took a trip to Manchester, United Kingdom. I will say that was one of the Valentines I love most. Valentine’s day is a season to show love.


RUTH KADRI, actress

I believe it is a day to celebrate but, not necessarily the love for a particular person but for your family, friends, etc.  I would go to a spa, take a long drive and see scenario of events that day. And when I get home, I would see a romantic movie with or without my loved one.

My most memorable Valentine was when a close friend of mine cooked for me. He spent more than eight hours making rice and stew, and would not accept help. I had to sneak out to eat because I was so hungry and could not eat much from the food.


CHRIS OKAGBUE, actor and model

I would probably be working during Valentine. It’s a season of love. But, I am not really too keen about picking out one day to show love to people. I am of the opinion that, we should show love at all times.

Because I don’t believe that you should pick a day to show love, I don’t really have a memorable Valentine’s Day.


TIMI DAKOLO, artiste

Valentine is like every other day to me, but for women, it is not. One to show kindness and love. I am celebrating Valentine with my wife. I will take her out before or after Valentine.

My most memorable Valentine was in 2014. My wife took me out. I went to a spa, I did facials and pedicure. My wife and I did not sleep at home that night.


FUNKY MALLAM, comedian

I’ve been shooting different programmes, back-to-back both movies and series. So I’ve not sat down to plan for Valentine. But I got calls that people would like me to be part of their Valentine event. You know, February 2 is my birthday, so I’m trying to round off the projects I’m working on by the end of January before I can sit down to plan which of the Valentine events I’ll be a part of. For now, I don’t have anything planned.

My most memorable Valentine was three years ago. It happened that it didn’t dawn on me that it was Valentine’s Day and I think I was wearing a red combination to an event that turned out to be a Valentine show. At the end of the day, I won a prize for my dressing without even planning for it.

Valentine is a time when you extend love to those that are not even close to you. It is one day when you reach out to people you haven’t seen or talked to in a while.



Valentine’s Day means a day of love to me. It is also a reminder for me to love every day. I hope to celebrate in Lagos with my lovely fiancée.

My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when I was, without any warning, whisked from my home and hustled into an airplane to Switzerland for a romantic getaway weekend.



Valentine is a wonderful name but if it is going to bring emergency money to Nigeria, then I will celebrate it. It is like a normal day to me, but people just take it too serious.



Valentine’s Day is a moment of sharing love to everybody. Although, not until that day one needs to do that, it should be part of one’s life.

Anyway, I value my work. If I am on a movie set on February 14, 2016, that means I will celebrate it with my colleagues. If I am less busy, I will be with my family in Lagos. Every Valentine has always been memorable and I hope this year’s edition won’t be an exception.


ESSENCE,  singer

I should be performing at an event. Aside that, I don’t have any plan to celebrate it. Every day is Valentine’s Day for me, as long as I can open my eyes to see the sun and I have my loved ones around me, it’s Valentine for me.

Valentine is like any other day for me. Every day is special. The older you get you appreciate every single day.



I will be spending it with my loved ones. Valentine is a special day to show your loved ones they are special, it is sharing love to the people you care about.

My most memorable Valentine was in 2014.


EMMANUEL IKUBESE, actor and model

I do not believe in Valentine, but it is a time one spends with someone special and show love and appreciation. I do not know where and how I am going to celebrate Valentine. No plan for that yet.

Back when I was in high school, I had lots of girlfriends and I shared Valentine cards to all of them. I was exposed by my class teacher so the school authorities had to call my parents. It was funny.


DAMI-ANN  ALABI, actress

To me, Valentine specifies a particular day to celebrate the love I have for my special ones. I intend to go out that day with my sweetheart, to a restaurant I have never been and try some new dish experience.

My most memorable Valentine was when I was in secondary school, JSS 3 to be specific and it’s memorable because I wasn’t expecting the gifts I got at all. It was a big surprise to me, though I had to hide it from my parents when I got home.


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