Celebs on why marriages are crashing (2)

Why are marriages crashing as soon as they are contracted, and what can couples do to keep their homes? Nigerian celebs gave our reporters frank answers to the big question.

Ogechi Asiegbu

Ogechi Asiegbu

‘Couples should communicate’-OGECHI ASIEGBU

Marriages are crashing because some couples don’t communicate their feelings and needs effectively. For you to keep your home, communication is key.

Don’t be scared to tell your spouse whatever bothers you. Once you are able to gain your man’s trust or vice versa through communication and with God in your marriage, you would have peace in your home.


Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor

‘Marriages crash for lack of understanding’-PATIENCE OZOKWOR

One of the reason marriages are crashing is because of lack of understanding. The Bible says, two cannot work unless they agree. So, to me, understanding is a factor.

Although there’s no formular to sustain a marriage, I believe couples should tolerate each other no matter what happens. Remain faithful to your husband/wife unconditionally.



Salome Eketunde

‘There should be trust’-SALOME EKETUNDE

It is not only celebrity marriages that collapse, what about pastors, doctors, bankers and so on? It’s because we are in the limelight, that is why it looks as if it is only us. Celebrities are like white cloth. Any touch of oil definitely shows on it.

They should keep away from infidelity. There should be trust between the couple. They should have the fear of God and they should respect each other.




‘They should understand each other’-MR. LATIN

First, I don’t think it’s good for two celebrities to marry each other, especially when they are both entertainers. That’s why you see a lot of us marrying] wives outside the entertainment industry. Although, everything  is in the Hands of God, whether or not you’re married to an entertainer. One thing I believe is that couples should understand and trust each other very well for their marriage to be intact as long as they live.

Above all, they should also be very prayerful because without which, nothing can work.




‘Celebrity marriages are built on adultery’ -ETCETERA

Celebrity marriages crash because most celebrity marriages are built on adultery and whatever adultery joins together, adultery shall put asunder. And most celebrities are terrible in choosing their partners.

They should stop washing their dirty pants in public for all to see. Because some of the most damaging issues are from people outside the marriage who feel they need to pass judgment. Also the unnecessary gallivanting of Nigerian celebs is just too much. You see them everywhere like tolo tolo. And the sad part is that they have no business being at these gatherings.



‘They should be patient’-SENATOR

Marriage is a mutual contract. At times, the parties involved might find it difficult to stand by the terms of the contract. This, I think, is the issue with celebrities and their marriages. But before being a celebrity, they are first and foremost, human beings. So it’s a normal challenge that human beings go through. But, their ability to contain it is what makes theirs too obvious.

Married couples should go into marriage without ambiguous expectations. They should understand that their weaknesses could be directed to become their strengths. So, patience and seeking God’s opinion will help.

kikelomo Kuojo

Kikelomo Kuojo

‘It takes the grace of God’-KIKELOMO KUOJO

Honestly, it takes the grace of God for any marriage to last five years nowadays, irrespective of whether the couple are celebrities, let alone if they are. And the economy itself doesn’t help matters. So, it’s very difficult to apportion blame to either a man or woman when any marriage crashes. But left to me, I can’t marry my colleague. I can’t even date anybody in the industry, let alone marrying the person.

As an actress, I see a lot of things going on in the industry. So, if my spouse is also an actor or movie producer or director, we will be both experiencing the same thing together. This can quickly lead to the collapse of the marriage.

But if one must marry a celebrity, they both need to commit the journey into God’s Hands. Then, they shouldn’t allow third party to come in.

Copy of omotude

Omotunde Ogundimu

‘There is lack of trust’-OMOTUNDE OGUNDIMU

I think the major reasons celebrity marriages collapse these days is because there is no perseverance, there is lack of understanding, infidelity, lack of trust and so many things. I believe many don’t know marriage is a contract. And before anyone should go into contract one has to read the terms and condition and abide by the rules and conditions of the contract.

They should look at compatibility, if they are okay for each other. I don’t believe in rushing into marriage because some of the marriages break up because of desperation to get married.

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