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Celebs take stock of 2014

 ‘2014 has been so wonderful’ -LIZ ANJORIN



How has 2014 been for you?

My 2014 was so wonderful, fruitful for me and my family. God has also not forgotten the work of my hands.

Can you please tell us about your success in the year?

I can’t say. But what I can only tell you is that my success in 2014 was uncountable.

What can you say was an obstacle to you in the year?

Piracy! It has affected us generally. The government is not also helping with security. We lack security generally not only in the movie industry but in the country.

Regarding my life, I would say insecurity has done its worst, but we give God the glory for what He has done for me.

What is your most memorable event in 2014?

I can’t really say that I had any sad event in the year, but for the good ones, I would say I had more than enough.

About the premiere of Kofo the First Lady, I can never forget it. I had King Sunny Ade on the bandstand. It was so gracious for me. I enjoyed the way he played all through.

How are you celebrating Christmas?

I have decided not to travel out of the country but to celebrate with my loved ones at home, though we will all go out to celebrate the season.

What plans do you have for 2015?

I have lot of plans, including  release Kofo the First Lady 2. I am also working on six movies that would be in town next year. The titles of the movies are: Beta Pikin, Awele Omo Odo, Ajiroba, Iyawo Oloruka, CNN and Obilolomo.


‘2014 has been a blessing’ –FUNNYBONE



Popular comedian, Stanley Chibuna, better known a FunnyBone, is a force to reckon with in Nigeria. The graduate of Theatre Arts, University of Jos is one of the first class humour merchants in Nigeria.

He spoke about his experience in the entertainment industry…


How has 2014 been for you so far?

2014 has been a blessing and also an eye opener. I have learnt about the entertainment industry in Nigeria and life in general. I can’t wait for 2015.

What should your fans expect from you in 2015?

My fans should expect a better me.

Are you working on any project at the moment?

I am working on my own sitcom for next year. Keep your fingers crossed.

If you weren’t a comedian, what would you be doing right now?

If not for comedy, then I would have been a footballer or a businessman.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is failure. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations.

What is the weirdest thing a fan ever did to you?

A fan met me in a salon and insisted he gets my hairstyle. He asked the barber to give him FunnyBone’s hairstyle.

What do you have to say to your fans?

God bless you all, for your love and support. I am humbled.


‘Being with my family was the best thing that happened to me in 2014’ -HALIMA ABUBAKAR

halima abubakar


In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, delectable and one of Nigeria’s finest thespians, Halima Abubakar spoke on the best thing that happened to her in 2014…


The year is rounding off, how has it been for you?

It was good. It can only get better, I can’t complain.

What were the challenges?

I had a lot of challenges, but the most important thing is coming out of them. This year was a peaceful and different Halima. I realized that I became another person that I didn’t know. And I love this Halima.

Tell us some of your successes this year?

I am so grateful. All the movies I shot were good. The responses were great. I did something good in 2014, even if thety was stressful, I was able to do a lot.

What were some of your biggest obstacles?

They were basically personal.

What was your most memorable experience?

I think being with my family with everyone in the house for the first time in 10 years. That’s a good thing for me! I am very happy and that’s the most memorable thing for me.

How would you celebrate Christmas?

I am going to have fun. I am going to have a lot of great time. I am really looking forward to it. This is the first time I am getting excited for the Christmas celebration.

What is your plan for 2015?

All I am going to do is work harder than 2014. Hopefully, I would generate a lot of happiness around me and a lot of peace and appreciation. Also, I would want God to help me do away with unneeded people.


‘2014 was an eventful year’ -JOHN NJAMAH



Star actor and director, John Njamah is doing well for himself in the make believe world. As a film director and consultant, he has worked on numerous movies. However, he had an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly and opened up on his success story of 2014…


How would you describe 2014?

2014 was a very eventful year for me. I did a lot of things I wanted to do, established connections with a few clients. I played less, worked hard and I give thanks to the Almighty God. I also had a healthy-sickness free year.

What were the major challenges of 2014?

The major challenge was funds at the beginning of the year. My company was owed a lot of money and we had carryovers from the previous year. But things picked up halfway and we bounced back into business. Now we are somewhat standing firm and I believe it can only get better.

At what point did you have a break in 2014?

Every work I get is a break for me no matter how small it is but then the bigger break came towards the last quarter where I sealed a deal to deliver a few stand alone episodes of a new television series. It’s a big one for my company Colorbarmedia 707 and we are looking forward to it.

Were you able to achieve all you set out to achieve in 2014?

No, but I had a good run at it and I am happy with the results I got and the ones I am still going to get.

How would you rate Nollywood this year?

The industry is growing daily and we are beginning to understand properly what we have to do as producers, directors and actors in fact, as film makers.

Do you think there has been any improvement from previous years?

There is a strong sense of mutual competition which is healthy for the growth of the industry. If we carry this attitude to the next year, a lot will change.

In what ways do you think they can do better?

I don’t know if people are being paid their worth. Content for this year is not as strong as last year and some actors were almost stereotyped because they were more in circulation than others but by and large it’s been a good year for us.

What are your projections for 2015?

I will be travelling a lot in the coming year, lots of business transactions, teaching and also catch my fun.


‘2014 was a fantastic year’-GORDONS



Star comedian, Gordons (Godwin Omoneh) said he was exceedingly blessed by God in 2014. In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the popular entertainer confessed that the year was indeed a plus to him. He enumerated his achievements and plans for 2015.


How has the year been for you?

It has been a fantastic and very busy year for me.

What has been your gains and pains in the year?

To God be the glory, there has been no loss at all, it has been a blessing to me in every area, most especially in my comedy business.

What are your major achievements?

I’ve been able to get a land from the Lagos state government in which have been working on and my business is booming.

What are your plans for this festive period?

December 26 is actually my birthday and I will be hanging out with my wife and four children.

Are you travelling this festive period?

No. This is my period of money making because I have lots of shows this season.

What are your plans for the forthcoming year?

.My major plan is to be closer to God and serve Him better because God has been so good to me in the year. Also, I am planning to set up a comedy clinic by March 29, 2015, in Niger Delta and I will be going to all the nine states of the region.


‘God has been very faithful’- DANIEL IMODU

Daniel Imodu

Daniel Imodu

In an interview with veteran actor who was cast as Dagbolu in the rested Village Headmaster, TV drama series, he talks about how the year has been as a successful businessman, being the CEO of Goldspeed Freight Agencies Limited, one of the frontline freight forwarding companies in Nigeria…


How has the year been for you so far?

Thank God for life. Despite the ups and downs, He has been faithful.

What has been your challenges?

Majorly down-turn in business due to fiscal policies and the redundant economy but as always challenges are normal.

What has been your achievements?

Most important, I have accomplished things I set out to achieve and that is the ultimate.

Most memorable happenings in 2014…

The memorable happenings are just breakthroughs in my family and my health.

What are your New Year resolutions?

More strength and grace to excel in the business and to have an edge, and the enablement to help others more.

Any regret, projects you didn’t embark upon?

No, not at all! God has been very faithful.

Any aspiration before the year runs out and for the forthcoming year?

Leaving the whole year into God’s Hands. Nothing yet.


‘Artquake still remains one’-ADEK

+2014 has been wonderful



What’s happening at your end, careerwise?

A lot! We thank God we have been holding it down since 1999 till date. God has been so wonderful. I remember a lot of us started together way back, the likes of Remedies, Plantashaun Boiz but Artquake has remained the only group that has not gone solo. We thank God for still being together as one, doing our stuff.

How did you start 2014 and how would you describe the year?

2014 has been so wonderful. I want to thank the good Lord for the gift of life  because not all of us that started the year together are still alive now. For us to be alive, we need to be very grateful to God. Then by the grace of God, we recorded a lot of achievement we thought we couldn’t even make in the year.

We shot a video in 2014, entitled, Certificate, and it was a bang. A lot of people were surprised that we’re still singing together as a group. We were able to perform at two or three big shows. We tried to do some other good things concerning our career. So, it has been so wonderful. God has been awesome to us.

What are the challenges encountered during the year?

Life generally has been full of challenges but we have always thanked God for making us overcome the challenges. For instance, we wanted to drop an album but we couldn’t because we have a lot of young artistes cropping up, trying to showcase their talents.

So, whatever you’re dropping as an established act, you must make sure it’s relevant to what obtains in the industry right now. It’s quite challenging but we thank God we’re still making waves.

How would you describe your kind of music?

Everybody knows our kind of music is a mixture of hip hop and afro. So, we’re afro hip hop singers. We don’t really go deep into hip hop, we infuse our own language into it. And people know us with danceable songs.

I thank God for the days of Alanta which I am sure can’t be forgotten in hurry. We thank God, a lot of young generation artistes learn from our kind of music. I remember when we did Abule Lawa, no radio station would want to play it because they were saying it’s too indigenous but today most of the hip hop musicians in Nigeria are singing highlife.

What are your projections for 2015?

We have done a wonderful track. We did a song with Oritsefemi called Asiko. We did another one with Sound Sultan, entitled Adura. These were done in 2014 but will be released in 2015. They are bangers, I won’t say more than that. They should just watch out.

Would you say you’re fulfilled career wise?

I would say yes, because we started about 17 years ago and we’re still doing it. If we’re not fulfilled, we would have dropped it long time ago. So, we’re highly fulfilled.

But there was a time people said both of you had parted ways…

It was always like that but we have never for once gone solo. The issue is that my partner always travels because his family is based in the UK. So, any time he travels out to visit his family, people think we’re no more together because they will only be seeing me alone attending shows. It’s only those who understand how we do our things will know we’re still together.


‘I can count my blessings in 2014’ -AUSTINO MILADO



Gyration crooner, Austine Charles Uyummadu popularly known as Austino Milado has every reason to thank God this year. Counting his blessings and naming them one-by-one, the famous singer told ENCOMIUM Weekly he was not disappointed in any way.

Austino Milado also unveiled his plans for 2015.


How would you assess the year?

I must first, thank God Almighty for the gift of life. I also know He didn’t disappoint me this year.

Can you please explain the special ways God touched your life in 2014?

He touched me, to borrow your phrase, in many ways. First, my career blossomed with loads of studio works which would hit the airwaves in few weeks.

In terms of material wealth, I also didn’t do badly though I wouldn’t want to share that with the public. My family was also blessed. In all, I am grateful to God. I call Him Jehovah Jireh!

What about the pains?

Pains? Not when Jesus is steering your ship. You may call them challenges. Yes, I had some challenges in my bid to launch my new album in 2014. It has not been really easy, though we keep pushing the brand.

It was also in 2014 you got juicy deals from brands like Airtel, Guinness et cetra?

That’s the truth. I did a couple of commercials for some brands. And I was paid very well.

How does it feel to be a force to be reckoned with in your genre of music?

I feel great and humbled by the feat. My songs are highly appreciated by Nigerians, the world over. But Austino Milado is not all about gyration. I do world music. You need to listen to my new singles. They cut across afro-pop, RnB, reggae and stuff.

So, 2015 is your year?

Sure, I am launching out big. I want to conquer the music world in 2015, God being my helper.

How’s your family?

My lovely wife and daughters are great. I’ve been blessed with the best family in the whole wide world.


‘It has been a wonderful year’ – Juju star, SEGUN BLESSING



2014 is almost gone, how would you access the year career wise?

It’s brilliant and wonderful. I thank God for additional blessing.

How did you start the year?

I was in Nigeria in January but along the line, I travelled abroad for shows and all that. But I have been around since, waiting to celebrate here in Nigeria.

What were your accomplishments in 2014 regarding your career?

I can’t count them all. Apart from visiting my usual places abroad where I perform, in 2014, I had a wider opportunity of moving and going to other countries I have never been, including United States of America, Canada and more. All in respect of my profession. So, that alone was a great opportunity for me this year, and I thank God for that.

How many albums did you release this year?

I only released one, The Chosen One. And it’s doing well.

What are your projections for 2015?

It’s going to be like a new dawn because I will be going on so many tours. Also, I have many projects I am working on. I want to do another kind of music apart from juju. I have my family in the industry that will ever be there for me in that regard. We want to really explore another direction in 2015.

Do you think juju is still making any wave now that hip hop has taken over the industry?

Juju is making wave, not just in Nigeria, but all over the world. Hip hop artistes, truly, are on top right now. They are making big money at the moment. But I will tell you, when it comes to parties, juju musicians are there.

We’re the most recognized for that. We’re very relevant. But I believe it’s better for people like me to combine the two. I will still be doing the normal stuff but I will blend it with hip hop flavour this time around so that I can make more money.

What should your fans expect from you in 2015?

Just as I said, we’re going to diversify our kind of music, take it to another dimension. They’re going to enjoy the new Segun Blessing in 2015. Also, my yearly concept will still come out between March and April. I believe they will be so happy that I have taken juju to another level. I appreciate them all for appreciating me and my kind of music. I wish all my fans, home and abroad a fulfilling 2015.


‘I’ll take more chances in 2015’ -TOKE MAKINWA, popular OAP



Popular On Air Personality (OAP), Toke Makinwa had a stellar 2014. The light-skinned beauty tied the knot with long-term beau, Maje Ayida; hosted Nigeria’s biggest awards show, The Headies and has been name the best-dressed female on many red carpets – all in 2014.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she talked more about how 2014 has treated her…


How has 2014 been for you?

It’s been great, amazing, pretty interesting. It certainly has been exciting!

What has been the biggest success for you this year?

I don’t like thinking about things I’ve done in terms of achievement. But this year, I’ve worked with many great people and brands.

And your biggest challenge?

I don’t see challenges. For me, it’s part of the process. On a personal note, it was a pretty good year. But the state of the country  from Ebola, to the bombings and the killings were a downside.

What was your most memorable experience in the year?

I think in my career, getting to meet and work with more fantastic people and all that comes with it.

Did getting married change anything about you?

I don’t talk about my marriage, but nothing has changed.

What would you do differently in 2015?

I’ll take more chances than I did this year.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

A lot of stuff, I would say it would be the year of a major step forward.


‘2014 has been a defining year’ – CHARLES GRANVILLE



How has 2014 been for Charles Granville?

I’m so grateful for 2014 because I got to a higher level. I got better and even my music changed in 2014. The way I present my songs is not the way I did in 2013 and before. So, this year has been a defining year for me. From now, what you’re going to be hearing from me is always going to be better. I also know that as good as 2014 has been, 2015 will be better for me because I have started recording the songs for 2015. I played one of my newly recorded songs a few days back at the Nigerian Gospel Awards and everybody was like wow and I’m like cool down till next year. I’m grateful for this year, the awards I won and the nominations I got that I didn’t win, the movies I acted in, the songs I sang and everything. The year has been a good one for me in every way.



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