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Change is irrevocable – Osinbajo

Vice President of Nigeria,Professor Yemi Osinbajo(SAN) has assured Nigerians that the change promised Nigerians by the present administration will surely come to pass no matter the country may be passing through now.
Speaking on Saturday,April 23,2016 at the Town Hall Meeting convened by Dr Muiz Banire(SAN) of United Action for Change(UAC),held at the Oranmiyan Hall of Lagos Airport Hotel,Ikeja,Lagos,the Vice president reiterated the present administration’s commitment to deliver on its campaign promises,appealing to Nigerians home and abroad not lose hope on the change agenda as there is surely going to be light at the end of the tunnel.

“We must not lose hope on the change agenda. This is the best opportunity we have to change this country. Today,we have a leader who is honest,a leader who is not interested in making money for himself or his family. There is determination by this government to ensure we deliver on our change promises,irrespective of whatever we may be going through at the moment.

“We will make sure the country changes for the better. We don’t have a choice,Nigeria must work. We don’t have any other agenda. And at the end of our tenure,you will look at the number of houses we have built and the cars we have acquired to know if we have embezzled the money entrusted in our hands. 

“We acknowledge the fact that Nigerians are going through a lot of difficulties now,including fuel scarcity,poor power supply and others,but that’s not the end of the story. The end point is going to be the change we all voted for.”

Speaking confidently,the vice president assured Nigerians that in the next few weeks,the issue of fuel scarcity will be a thing of the past as concerted efforts are already being geared towards that.

“We’re not relenting on our efforts to ensure we have enough fuel that will go round the whole country,and that’s exactly what we’re working on now.

“As of the moment,it’s only the NNPC is importing refined fuel. We’re in the process of a final solution to the fuel scarcity.

Noting one of the major problems of the sector,Osinbajo said,”Public refineries are a big problem. Private refineries run better. Now,we’re seeking private investment in co-managing the country’s refineries. We all know the attitude of many Nigerians when it comes to public utility. So,we’re so much concerned about what will alleviate the pains Nigerians are going through concerning access to fuel.”

On the entertainment industry,the vice president assured the stakeholders that piracy which is the major menace killing the sector will soon be fought to a stand still, through government’s concerted efforts. He,however,enjoined the practitioners to improve on their contributions to the national pulse by paying their tax regularly.

“The government is working relentlessly to ensure piracy is curbed,especially using technology options. But stakeholders should also help the government by paying their tax as at when due.”
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