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Chatting with cast and crew of FIFTY

ON Sunday, December 13, 2015, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, played host to the much acclaimed premiere of Fifty, a movie from the stable of Mo Abudu.

The prestigious event attracted the crème de la crème in entertainment, fashion and corporate moguls.  Society pillars were not left out.  It was really a well attended event.

ENCOMIUM Weekly was there too. We spoke with the lead cast and producer of Fifty about the movie.


‘It’s a wonderful project’ – Omoni Oboli

1-DSC_0546How does it feel being part of Fifty?

It feels amazing. It is a wonderful project.  I feel really blessed to be part of it.

What were the challenges as one of the major cast of Fifty?

We didn’t really have challenges.  The shoot went very smoothly.  Everyone was on the same page.  The producer was on top of her game.  It went really well.

How did you join the cast of the movie?

They had a close audition for the lead character of the movie.  I was invited for the close audition, that was how I got a role.

Can you compare Fifty with other movies you have featured in?

The standard is really high. I enjoyed that part.

How will you describe Fifty?

I like the fact that it shows modern African women in a good light.


‘I am excited’ – Nse Ikpe Etim

1-DSC_0583How does it feel to be part of Fifty?

As an actor, every time you get something to do, it is usually a humbling experience.  It is good and exciting to be part of a work of art.  It really feels great. I feel so excited to be part of the cast.

How did you join the train of the Fifty?

I was called for the audition and I qualified.  That was how I got on board.

What were the challenges while shooting?

The only challenge I faced was being Kate in the movie.  It is the opposite of my original self.


‘It’s a powerful movie’ – Dakore Akande

1-DSC_0546-001How does it feel to be part of the lead cast of Fifty?

It is amazing.  Amazing is the only word I can use to sum it up.

Any challenges while shooting?

No, not really. I was determined to do the job.  It was a world class one.  Everything was on point.  It was a high production value.

What is your opinion about the movie?

I think it is a very powerful movie.  It is full of drama and suspense. It talks about issues we don’t normally talk about as a people.


‘A classic movie’ – Iretiola Doyle

1-DSC_0546-002How does it feel to be part of the lead cast of Fifty?

It feels great.  It is a wonderful experience and feeling.

Can you describe the movie, Fifty?

It is a very classic movie shot at professional standard.

How did you join the cast?

I was called for a private reading and I read for the role I acted. I got a call few weeks later and I got the role.

How does it feel acting that role?

It was an interesting journey. I enjoyed it.


‘Fifty is meant to celebrate African women’ – Tope Oshin, Producer

1-DSC_0610How does it feel producing the award winning movie, Fifty?

I am very excited. I feel very blessed.  For everything you toil, suffer and work hard for, it is always a blessing to see the glory as well.  Not many people are opportuned to be there on their day of glory.  This, for me, is an opportunity.  It is beautiful to celebrate with the cast and crew and also the director.  It is an amazing blessing.

Were you the one that did the casting too?

I did the casting with the director and the executive producer.

What informed your choice of cast?

Basically, the choice of casting was based on what the director was looking for as well as what the executive producer wanted.  We all sat down and decided.  The basic thing we all agreed on was to get the strongest actresses around and that was exactly what we did.

What inspired the story?

As you know, Fifty is very dear to Mo Abudu, the executive producer’s heart as she has said a lot of times.  It was very important for her to present the African woman in the light she has not been seen before.  Showing the strength of an African woman.  To open the eyes of the world to what happens in the life of a woman at this particular age.

Basically, Fifty is meant to celebrate African women, to understand what they go through, to see how they overcame and to go through that journey with them.  How they love, how they work and play.

Is this your first movie?

No, it is not.

What other movies have you produced?

Journey to self.  I also worked on Tinsel, Hotel Majestic.  I have done a whole lot of other things.




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