What can you say about the life and times of Late Chief Bayo Kuku?

Let me say he was a philanthropist per excellence who cherished investment in human. Baba was a role model. I want to be like him in my dealings. He had been like a back bone since I was young. My first cheque was from Chief Bayo Kuku to support my business, and that is the kind of person the man was.

Beside that, he was a man that usually told me Dapo, you are going to be great. It was like prophesying into my life. This was an old man who knew how to encourage and mentor young men. I didn’t think that today I was going to have a privilege to be here.

I am thankful to God that the man lived a very useful, purposeful and fulfilled life. This is the kind of person we look unto and want to be like. We want to be able to touch lives in different ways so we can mean different things to different people and I want to enjoin others to emulate the lifestyle of Chief Bayo Kuku.

What other legacies do you think he left behind? 

The legacies he left behind are best described as impeccable. Someone who rose to be a chairman of Mobil. Mobil was then the biggest company in the world. The man who rose from a humble beginning and became great and in the process touched so many people’s life.

He worked out of his way to impact others, to affect people’s life and I am proud to be one of those people.

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