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Children, colleagues eulogize Ajigijaga at 8th day fidau

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’Ajigijaga was a nice and humble man’ -Adeola Adelowotan

“Ajigijaga was a very nice and humble man.  Despite being a very senior colleague, he would always greet you with honour.  He was a very versatile actor whose vacuum in the industry will be very difficult to fill.  May his soul rest in peace.”

‘’He was a very nice person’’ –  Baba Suwe

“Ajigijaga’s death was painful to me in particular because he was an exceptional actor and was very nice to everybody.  No one expected his death now but God knows best.  His exit is a great loss to the industry.  We will all miss him.”

‘’He was very nice  and religious’’ – Yinka Quadri

“Mufutau Sanni, a.k.a Ajigijaga, was more than an actor, he was also a devout Muslim.  His exit from the industry is a deadly blow.  We will all miss him.  He was such a person that was very nice to almost everyone in the industry.  And he was a kind of person that would always fulfill his pledge.  May Allah give him eternal rest.”

‘’Ajigijaga encouraged me to practice Islam’ – Saidi Balogun

“Ajigijaga was a very nice person.  He was deeply religious, forget about what you see in movies.  I loved him a lot because he was the one who encouraged me to practice Islam.  He even taught me how to pray as a Muslim.  He was committed to the religion and his career as an actor.  May Allah grant him Al-jannah firdous.”

‘’He was a good man to the core’ – Dejo Tunfulu

“Ajigijaga was a very nice man. He was very generous and kind.  He was a father to me and was very exceptional in the industry.  None of us would want him to die now, I am sure of that but there is nothing anybody can do about that now.  He is gone, there can hardly be any actor like him, especially in the way he used to interpret his role.  May God forgive him his shortcomings, he will be missed by all.”

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