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Children, colleagues eulogize Ajigijaga at 8th day fidau: ’He promised to see me through my education’ -Fatimah Sanni, daughter


How would you describe your father’s death?

It’s sad, very painful that he died when I needed him most.  But there is nothing anybody can do about that.  We all believe it’s an act of God.

How would you describe him as a father and as an entertainer?

My father was very good.  He was loving and caring.  He loved his family and the people around him. He was very hard working.  Ajigijaga was a unique actor.  Above all, he was a very good Muslim.  He loved praying a lot.  May Allah forgive him for his shortcomings.

What would you miss about him?

I will miss my dad a lot.  Just like I said, he was a caring father.  I won’t see him again. He was religious.  I will miss his monitoring and guide concerning religion.  I will totally miss his fatherly advice and his acting.  He used to call me almost every day to know how I was faring.  No one to do that to me again.  He will be remembered forever for being a devout Muslim and dedicated entertainer.

How is life going to be now that he’s gone?

It’s going to be somehow but I believe in Almighty Allah.  He will surely be our father and mother.

What did he promise you before he died, especially concerning your education?

He promised to take care of my education till university level.  But now that he is no more, I have left everything in the Hands of God.

When last did you see him?

That was about two months ago because we don’t live together.

How old are you now?

I am 20.

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