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Children, colleagues eulogize Ajigijaga at 8th day fidau: ‘I will miss his fatherly role’ – Adijat Sanni, Daughter

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How would you describe your father’s death?

It’s very painful because I so much loved him.  But God knows best.

What was your immediate reaction when you received the news of his death?

I couldn’t believe it because nobody told me he was sick.  I am yet to get over his death.  It was a rude shock.

How would you describe him as a father and as an entertainer?

He was a very nice person to his children and everybody around him. He was very hard working.  Above all, my father was very religious.  He encouraged all of us to practice Islam and he was very serious about it.

What will you miss most about him?

I will miss my father a lot, just everything you can think of. He was not only a father but an adviser on anything about life and religion.  He always advised me not to expose my hair as a Muslim which I have complied with.

How do you feel being Ajigijaga’s daughter?

I feel happy about that.  Anytime people address me as Ajigijaga’s daughter, I feel elated.  I am proud of my father even in death.  His name will remain forever.  He lives on.

Which school are you now or you have graduated?

No, I am a caterer.  I didn’t further my education after secondary school.

How is life going to be now after his death?

Definitely, things can’t be the same again for now. But whatever it is, life continues.  I will surely miss him a lot because he was the only one left for us after our mom’s death.  I won’t have anybody to seek advice from as biological parent.  I even loved my dad more than my mom.

What was your last discussion with him?

There was a time I told him I wanted to join the movie industry, he told me it’s not an easy thing. But I let him know I wouldn’t mind if not more than catering for them at locations.  He told me he would see what he could do about that.  But that couldn’t happen, only to hear of his sudden death. He was never sick nor did he die of an okada accident, I believe it’s God’s time.  May Allah grant him Al-jannah firdous.  My father was the kind of person that loved children and would always want to do everything to satisfy his children.

How old are you?

I am 24.

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