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Children, colleagues eulogize Ajigijaga at 8th day fidau

ON Friday, August 7, 2015, family, friends, colleagues and fans gathered at Olusanya Primary School, Agege, Lagos for the 8th day Fidau of late veteran actor cum film maker, Alhaji Sanni Mufutau, popularly known as Ajigijaga, who died on Friday, July 31, 2015, after a brief illness.  He was 60.

The event officiated by famous Islamic scholar and cleric, Alhaji Sheik Buhari Musa Ajikobi, attracted people from far and near, including family members, Muslim brothers and sisters, movie marketers, colleagues and fans of the late theatre practitioner.

The heart-touching sermon which centred mostly on life after death was delivered by Sheik Musa.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with Ajigijaga’s children and colleagues after the event.  They all described the Ogun born entertainer as not only kind but deeply religious despite the character he interprets in movies.

‘My father lives forever’ Rasheed Sanni, Son

How do you feel about today’s Fidau in honour of your father?

1-DSC_0164I am happy we’re able to give him a befitting burial and the Fidau also went according to plan. I give glory to Almighty Allah on that.  The turnout was very impressive, and with the caliber of Muslim clerics and some of his colleagues in attendance, it’s a sign that the prayer was a success.  I believe Almighty Allah won’t deny the deceased and those of us that also organized the prayer the reward here on earth and thereafter.  I am happy that Ajigijaga was honoured by all.

What more would you miss about him?

A lot of that. I will forever miss him as a father and as an actor.  And being a devout Muslim, he was the one encouraging me in the line of religion.  I will surely miss him in that aspect.  He was always there for all his children.  How I wished he could live longer than that.  However, I thank God for my father’s life.  And as an entertainer and a man that had made his mark in the industry, Ajigijaga lives forever.

You’re the head now that your dad has passed.  How are you going to continue where he stopped, especially in taking care of the family he left behind?

Almighty Allah has always been in charge even when my father was alive.  I believe He will forever be with us.  Allah will grant me the wisdom and humility required to cope with the task ahead of me.

What’s going to happen to his wife in terms of care and all that?

God is in control, and He will surely direct us aright in everything.

A word of appreciation to those who attended and supported the Fidau?

I appreciate them all and pray God will be with them in all their endeavours.  They are all wonderful people.  Almighty Allah will reward them accordingly.

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