Children reveal Okoya Thomas’ last days (5): ‘He is the third party in my life-Chief Rasaq Okoya


We express our condolence on the death of your friend, Chief Molade Okoya-Thomas.

Thank you very much my brother.

How did you get to hear about his death?

I was in Saudi Arabia for my birthday prayers.  I just came back that Sunday (February 1, 2015) and I was told about his death.  He was a man I am going to miss a lot because he was a man of all seasons.  Anytime I called him he was always there for me.  He would do anything you want him to do for you.  He would never disappoint you.  He was a friend in need and a friend indeed.

We are not aware that you are not related despite bearing the same name.  How and when did your friendship start?

That was a very long time ago.  Both of us are from Lagos.  I am from Isale Eko, he was from Olowogbowo, also in Lagso.  Maybe our forefathers were one way or the other related but we couldn’t trace the connection.  That is why he is Okoya-Thomas and I am Okoya.

What will you say you would miss about him?

I will miss him a lot.  He was the first person I usually called if there was any need for a third party on any issue in my life.  My wife is the second party.  And he was always with you anytime of the day.  He was a man Nigeria will greatly miss because of his contributions particularly in the area of sports.  He also did a lot for his state, Lagos.  There was nothing he could not do to assist Lagos State.  He was always willing to be of help to a lot of people.  My prayer is may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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