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Chin fat-zapping drug set for approval


A new drug capable of leveling out a double chin will be reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on March 9, according to Kythera Biopharmeceuticals, which is to market the drug should it be given the all clear.

The drug, called ATX-101, is in late-stage clinical trials and could become the first FDA-approved injectable drug for contouring a double chin. It works by destroying fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue and Kythera says on its website that new collagen could form in the area as a natural response to the fat-zapping.

The drug kicks into action after several injections, the exact number of which depends on the desired outcome and the amount of fat on the chin. According to the company’s website, diet and exercise are sometimes not enough to smooth out a double chin.

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