Chinazo and Mekam Okoye’s spellbinding nuptials hovers around N200 million

Meanwhile, pundits with specialty in high octane ceremonies easily put the cost of the spellbinding wedding around N200 million. From the pre-wedding shoot in Houston (Texas, in the United States of America) to the after-party and honeymoon, good money was splashed on the activities that elevated the glamorous event.

And taking into account all the elements that propelled the ceremony to 7-star , it was not a surprise that panache was well rooted.


Here are some of the ingredients that thrust the nuptials northwards…


* The wedding office and event planners were on top of their games, with over 2,000 guests pampered to bliss.


* The invitation card (in three sets) and coloured tags for each guest.


* Pre-wedding shoot was in Houston and Lagos.


* Simple but elegant Church programme


* Chinazo’s jaw dropping beige gown, another off-white number in readiness for the after party, and all her accessories.

The groom’s tuxedo ensemble.

Now, count the attires of the 33-strong wedding party.


* Please, let’s go to the wedding bands, the engagement ring. And don’t forget the inconspicuous necklace of Chinazo.


* More than two dozen vendors pranced every inch of the two halls to attend to every whim.


* Landmark Event Centre halls took all of N5.4 million.


* We counted Voix Celeste, Then 7-Orchestra, Veentage Band, 2Face, Olamide, DJ Skillz, pianist on the green carpet, and a few more, among entertainers.

And there were four masters of ceremonies.


* There was a white photographer among those sited recorded still and moving images.


* 5-star accommodation for wedding party, including special guests, at Eko Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton.


* Make up artists.


* We saw at least three Rolls Royces, a Maybach, BMWs, a pimped van with roomy interior and a few more luxury automobiles in the convoy of the wedding party.


* One of the mementos was a Bible for guests.


We are not talking about the honeymoon and the gifts the couple received from their parents.


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