Chivita 100% partnership and effective communication to drive loyalty

The amazing success of many global brands that are household names today is possible because they mastered the art of creating highly attractive partner and customer value propositions. Brands, through effective communication, have endeared themselves to their consumers and increased their market share.

The publicity and goodwill generated around the recent partnership between Chivita 100 percent and Manchester United football club is a testament to how effective communication strategies have not only endeared consumers to the fruit juice, but also helped increase sales.  The partnership has created massive exposure and visibility for the Chivita 100 percent brand through an effective online, television, print and outdoor campaign in recent times.

From positive reviews of the partnership in major television sports programmes, newspapers and digital platforms to visible outdoor presence on prominent billboards and Rapid transport buses, the publicity strategy has been effective in creating affinity and sustaining loyalty for the brand.

Already, publicity around the partnership is generating tangible results through increased traffic to the very popular Chivita 100 percent page on Facebook. Communication of the partnership has ensured that the number of likes on the page crossed the 200, 000 threshold and is currently approaching 250,000.

According to Chi Limited’s Head of Marketing, Probal Bhattacharya, the company developed a communication strategy for publicizing the partnership which has been effective. “For us at Chi Limited, our style of placing premium on our consumers cannot be compromised and it drives the way we engage with them through advertising strategies that are informative, exciting and rewarding.”

“We embarked on the journey to adopt a 360 degree marketing philosophy and engagement platforms that are veritable and accessible to our consumers. We are happy that through the communication mix deployed for the campaign, the consumer response has been very encouraging.”

Chivita 100 percent is available in the market at present in five variants of real orange, real apple, real pineapple, orange pineapple, and orange mango, while some exciting new offerings are in the pipeline.

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