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Chris Okotie is 58 : Resounding applause for dandy pastor

Reverend Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie, the shepherd of Household of God in Oregun, Ikeja (Lagos), is 58 today (Thursday, June 16, 2016), and those who love the dandy pastor are serenading him in all ways they can.

Social media is awash with felicitation for the lawyer and former pop singer whose mastery of the English language titillates to no end.
Here are some of the good will messages…
Patrick Doyle

Chris Okotie on my mind. This might sound a bit odd, I mean, what business do I have saying I’ve got a guy on my mind. Maybe it’s because today is his birthday and that he has been my friend of about 35 years and my pastor for the last 24 years. It could also be because he has on more than one occasion come through for me when no one else was there for me. Could it be because his erudite articulation of biblical eschatology has enriched my life beyond measure. Maybe it’s because he is a good looking cool dude.

I suspect that’s it’s not for any one of the mentioned reasons on their own, but because of all the reasons mentioned together. The multi dimensional impact of this man on my life is enough reason for me to glorify God, for bestowing such a blessing to this generation. I count myself blessed to be associated with this enigmatic personality and for the privilege of being able to call him my friend.


Praise McBassey Snr

I love him without any apology. I’ve followed his ministry passionately for over 20 years. His humility humbles me, and his desire for excellence has propelled my zeal to go for the best. Nigeria is yet to comprehend who this man is. He is a God sent “man” to our generation. Friends, pls help me to celebrate my MENTOR, Rev. Chris Okotie. Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Rev. Chris.


Pius Onichabor

Happy birthday to you Rev. Chris Okotie… I love and celebrate you this day Sir!


H.o. Ojewale

Today, the 16th day of the glorious month of June is the birthday of my good, nice, wonderful, blessed and erudite Rev. Chris Okotie, my Pastor of The Household of God Church. I wish for my one and only Pastor all he wishes for himself now and always. Amen. I love my Pastor.


Femi Onifade

Today is my Pastors birthday, Rev. CHRIS OKOTIE…..I am short of words to describe Him, but I just want to thank the LORD JESUS for ordering my steps to HOUSEHOLD of GOD CHURCH…….My DEAR PASTOR…the LORD JESUS your master whom you have served with all your might and power will grant you your Heart Desires and that which He has purposed concerning your LIFE , HE will make it come to pass.WE ARE WAITING…..”LIKE THS SONS ISSACHAR WE UNDERSTAND THE SIGNS OF TIME…”……HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR……


Breezy Brown

A birthday is a millions moment each holding a promised of fulfillment of your dream’s and accomplishment of some special planes. Happy Birthday to my pastor rev Chris Okotie


Zainabjoy Bakare

Happy birthday Rev Chris Okotie…..I just want to use this medium to thank you for all the teachings you have impacted in my Life right from childhood…. You are a Great Man Of God….God Bless you Pastor…..We love you….HOUSEHOLD SOLID


Ecclezzia IOrange

Happy Birthday to Pastor Chris Okotie


Dickson Iroegbu

Happy born to the erudite dude and pastor!


Macaulay-Smith Gabriel:

Happy birthday to you sir


Fajimi Oyekanmi S

Happy birthday 🎂 sir. Your life and message has been a blessing and we pray you will not loose your shine neither will your joy,glory,wisdom and strength wean in the noon. God bless you more


Ikazoboh Victor

I do not know Rev.okotie,very personally …even though I got saved in his church in 1989….I have been off nd on due to distance… perception of him,a good administrator,kind-hearted man ,generous nd above all a lover of God… Doyle….u sure do have a good friend nd pastor,u are in good hands……HBD Rev.kris okotie……we love u with d love of God…….HH…..solid


Abiola Modupeoluwa Lawal

Happy birthday to him. Shalom!


Emeka Nwodo

HBD great man


Chris Oduah

HBD Mentor


Alozie Mark Uzoukwu

Happy birthday to a very generous and caring Chris Okotie. Wishing him more fruitful years in the Lord’s Vineyard. Congratulations Reverend.


Mercy Impact Williams

I love this man, Happy Birthday Rev.


Bishop Attayi Peter

Happy birthday the only Nigeria preacher who have no equal bor comparison.


Bishop Sam

Happy birthday to unstoppable world best you sir


Apostle Sam Ademola

Happy birthday sir. THE WALKING EXPLANATION!!!


Anthony Sokunbi-Walton


A solid foundation of anything determines the span of its existence. Pastor Chris you have indeed influenced my life in many areas. Everything I do is stitched to your point blank teachings from the scriptures. Thank you- HAPPY BIRTHDAY.



Subomi Plumptre

This is the man who made me fall in love with God’s word. He taught me everything I know about Grace and why I should pursue excellence when serving God. My life story will not be complete without several chapters dedicated to Reverend Chris Okotie. More than anyone, you have shown me that though imperfect and full of frailty, humans can do tremendous work for God.

Happy birthday sir!


Kayode Tani-Olu

Happy Birthday Pastor Chris.

32 years ago you explained salvation in a way I understood it for the first time. Thanks


Timi Orokoya Telemi

A good friend and a brother. Happy birthday Pastor


Philip Wilkie

Happy birthday to pastor okotie


Uche Godson Okezueh

Happy Birthday Pastor.


Mukwele Ngoh 1

Greatness doesn’t consist in the ability of being great, but of making others Great. Quote Rev Chris Okotie.

58 years, and counting. Happy birthday Greatness.


Sunni AaronsWuche

A very Happy birthday to my Pastor and all round “correct Man” May the Lord bless and keep you for further work ahead Chris Okotie the great. ”

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