CLAM’S Pastor Oladiyun absolves self, church from N10 million fraud allegation

The General Overseer of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry, Apostle Wole Oladiyun has absolved himself and the church from any complicity an alleged N10 million fraud levelled against one Abiodun Olusola believed to be one of the pastors in CLAM ministry.

Recently, news hit town that Mr. Abiodun Olusola was apprehended by the men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for illegally collecting N10 million from a member of the church, Mrs. Seyi Okunola for a deal tagged Spiritual Assistance. The development rattled and shook the church to its foundation, especially when EFCC came to the church on a fact finding mission following confessional statement given by the apprehended Abiodun Olusola.

Church members couldn’t believe what transpired between leadership of the church and men of the EFCC the day they (EFCC) came to the church over the fraud allegedly perpetrated Mr. Olusola, who is still cooling off at the EFCC Ikoyi, Lagos office.

The genesis of the drama was when Mr. Olusola allegedly obtained the said amount from Mr. Seyi Okunola, a member of CLAM under the guise of rendering spiritual assistance. Mrs. Okunola who was angered when results of what she paid for was not forthcoming called in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission who arrested Mr. Olusola and also visited CLAM church while investigating the matter. It took the timely intervention of Apostle Wole Oladiyun to douse tension that enveloped the church that day and after. He was said to have called an emergency meeting of high ranking pastors in the ministry to address the issue. And on Sunday, March 30, 2014, Apostle Wole  Oladiyun’s assistant who took charge of ministration while he was in London spent some minutes addressing the same issue. He repeatedly urged the congregation to disregard the fraud story. “Our pastor is divinely ordained, he can never be part of 419. It is not possible, I don’t think you all should believe that story. The person involved did not transact any business with the pastor or the church”.

A top member of the church who is not authorized to speak on the issue told ENCOMIUM Weekly that this case is just one out of many that the church had to battle in recent times. “Some people used the pastor’s name and pictures on facebook and other social media to collect money from people, especially those abroad. The church has dealt with such cases in the past. Because of the pastor’s soaring popularity, some faceless people used his name to collect money from outsiders for spiritual assistance”.

The church, through it’s head of media, Pastor Tade Adewakun reacted to the story thus:

Re: N10m Transaction between Abiodun Olusola and Mrs. Seyi Okunola

Following enquiries by a section of the media in respect of above mentioned, the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) formally issues the following statement:

That Abiodun Olusola is NOT an employee of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry as being speculated. He is one of the several ministers of the Lord who worship in CLAM during our weekly Deliverance Hour held on Wednesdays from 7am-10am.

That Abiodun Olusola is an independent businessman who neither does his business in partnership with CLAM nor uses CLAM as a platform to transact his business deals. CLAM has never been involved directly or indirectly in any of his business transactions.

We also would like to state that the other party involved in the transaction, in the person of Mrs. Seyi Okunola is only known as one out of the thousands of people who worship in CLAM every Wednesday. There is no further relationship between her and the ministry.

With particular reference to the N10m transaction between Abiodun Olusola and Mrs. Seyi Okunola, we categorically state that CLAM was not privy to it. Neither Abiodun Olusola nor Mrs. Seyi Okunola informed CLAM of this transaction at any stage of its consummation.

Therefore, it is not true that Mr. Abiodun Olusola donated proceeds from the transaction to CLAM. Also, there was never a time that he gave any testimony on the transaction. In furtherance of its investigations into the issue following a petition by Mrs. Okunola, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) visited CLAM on January 22, 2014, during the Wednesday deliverance hour programme. It was a purely routine fact finding visit. The church’s programme was not disrupted and nobody was arrested.

The EFCC has not in any way accused CLAM of complicity in this transaction. None of CLAM officials has also been indicted. Abiodun Olusola and Mrs. Seyi Okunola have also expressly informed the EFCC that this was a purely private transaction between the two of them without CLAM’s involvement.

CLAM is one of Nigeria’s reputable prayer and deliverance ministries. In its 16 years of existence, CLAM has never been involved in any shady or dubious transaction. The Senior Pastor of this great apostolic ministry, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, is a man of honour and proven integrity and will never be involved in anything fraudulent.

With the submission above, we hereby dissociate CLAM from whatever transaction or case going on between Abiodun Olusola and Mrs. Okunola.


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    This is a salient fact from the church’s media representative. Thank God. Up CLAM.

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