Comedian Elenu (real name, Julius Babatunde Akinlami) is now a married man! He finally formalised his four year relationship with his pretty wife, Chinwe Anyanwu in a white wedding on Saturday, June 15, 2013, at Global Impact Church, Babs Animashaun, Surulere, Lagos.

Aside being spectacular, Elenu/Jane’s wedding was like a comedy jamboree that saw his comedian friends, Senator, Seyi Law, MC Shakara and Ushbebe amongst others in their best as they hilariously kept guests on their toes all through the reception held at the Knot Centre, Tobi Lawal street, Yaba, Lagos. Even Comedian AY, the newly wedded groom’s boss, was also in his usual comical character. During his ministration, AY blessed the couple and prophesized that it was high time that the Best Man, MC Shakara should get married.

The solemnization had earlier taken place at Global Impact Church, where the couple was joined in a holy matrimony by the church, senior pastor, Rev. Akinyemi David and other officiating ministers. Before God, parents, friends and associate, both Julius and Jane (J2) expressed their loves as they pronounced “Yes, I do”. The ebony comedian also promised at the altar to take care of his pretty wife.

Notable faces at the church and reception include, Comedian Julius Agwu and wife, Mabel; radio personality, Freez of CoolFM and wife; Nollywood’s Ejike Asiegbu and Grace Amah. Others were MC Abbey, Yomi Casual, MC Acapella, Patrick Elis, Gbenro Ajibade, Ejiro Jalogho, Funny Bone, Osmah and MC Longs from Jos. The First Lady of Lagos, Mrs. Abimbola Fashola was ably represented by Magistrate Folami.


The journey started in 2009 at Benson Idahosa University where the comedian had gone for a show. Jane, who was then the most beautiful girl in the school, was among the protocol officers attached to Elenu during his stay but for the comedian, it was Love at first sight. They both exchanged contacts and started talking. There is something peculiar about the couple, while Julius is Yoruba from Ondo State, Jane is Igbo from Rivers State, but this never affected the affection and love they both have for each other.

On Sunday, October 21, 2013, the groom gathered few of his friends at dinner at the Federal Police Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, where he first proposed to his long time girl friend. In May, 2013, the couple staged a colourful traditional wedding at the bride’s home town in Rivers State before the final wedding white held at the weekend. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, elated groom said, “I am the happiest man on earth right now, adding that he had been waiting for the day since he met his bride whom he described as Sunshine of Life.

To the bride, it was overwhelming joy as it was written all over her. When asked how she felt, she said it’s a feeling she couldn’t explain, saying, “I am very happy. I thank everybody, our parents, friends, and associates for their support. Thank you all.”

We later had exciting moments with their parents and friends…


‘Seeing my first son getting married is a thing of joy’


 DSC_1940-001How does it feel?

I am one of the happiest Nigerians today and the reason is not farfetched. Seeing my first son getting married is a thing of joy. I pray they would have children who would bring out the glory of our family, just like what Julius is doing. This is the beginning for Julius and Jane, and I wish them the very best.

How did you react to your son getting married to an Igbo girl?

I didn’t react because I see nothing wrong in inter-tribal marriage. If a Nigerian could go as far as Europe and marry a white woman that has no knowledge about our culture, why should I go against my son getting married to someone from within Nigeria all because she is not from my tribe, never. I am a Yoruba man, from Ondo, my mom is from Lagos and I married from Delta State. In fact, we need more of inter-tribal marriages so as to end the ethnic wars in Nigeria.

Julius is your son and at the same time, a comedian, how would you describe him?

Elenu is my carbon copy. Before his birth, I told his mother that if she gave birth to a boy, I would name him Julius because all the Julius I know are great people. So, I wanted my son be to a great person. When she gave birth, it was a boy and I christened him Julius.

What is your wish for the couple?

First, if I am asked to give the whole of Nigeria to them, I wouldn’t hesitate because I am happy for them. That shows the level of my happiness for them. I wish them success, happy married life.




How does it feel?

I feel so happy. I give glory to God that I witnessed today. It is a great joy to see my first son getting married.

Julius is your son and at the same time, a comedian, how would you describe him?

He’s good and loving son. He’s funny and at the same time caring. Anytime I see him on television making people laugh, I am always grateful to God. I am happy that I gave birth to him.

What can you say about your son’s wife, Chinwe?

She’s a good girl. She’s not only my son’s wife, she is also my daughter. If she is not a good girl, I won’t even allow my son to marry her. The marriage won’t hold in the first instance. She’s the type of woman I want my son to marry and I give glory to God.

What’s your advice to the couple?

They should love and cherish themselves. I am expecting my grand children from them soonest.

Like how many?

As many as they can.


‘I wish them happy married life,’


How does it feel?

First, it is the will of God that we should marry and I am happy that I am doing this for my daughter, I give glory to God. It is a thing of joy. I am particularly happy because I have two children and she’s the only daughter and first child.

How would you describe her?

She is lovely and caring woman. She is very wise and intelligent, she is respectful.

What about the groom, Elenu, being a comedian?

He is a man of peace, happiness. All I see about him is happiness that is why he makes people happy all the time.

What do you which them?

I wish them happy married life, full of love, ambition capable of overcoming their challenges, respectful to God. The God that visited them today will enable them to overcome challenges and every situation would change for better.

‘They should live in peace, trust one another’

DSC_2137–          Caroline Anyanwu, Bride’s mother

 How does it feel?

I am highly excited, very happy to see my first daughter getting married.

What can you say about your daughter’s husband, Elenu?

I know he’s a comedian but we can’t deny the fact that he is good boy. He respects us a lot, which is why I am happy because this is the type of man we want for our daughter.

What do you wish the couple?

I wish them a happy married life. They should live in peace, trust one another. May God bless their marriage.




DSC_2133-001 Comedian MC Abbey

They should always look out for each other

Elenu and Jane are exceptional, wonderful pearls. Elenu is my boy and Jane is my daughter, I knew how it all started and I am happy to see them together today.

Marriage is a two way communication, it’s a relationship that has to do with the couple thinking together, doing things together, even bathing together (smiles). My advice is that they should always look out for each other, love each other in spite of the odds, and close their ears to things that won’t contribute to their union. I love you both.


Comedian Osama

‘He shouldn’t stop loving his wife’

Elenu and Jane are a wonderful couple and I thank God that they are now married. I am sure the unmarried ones here, including I, would receive blessing through theirs.

Elenu is a good man, I know him very well. He’s a colleague, friend and brother. So, I want to advice him to always love his wife as he’s been doing. He shouldn’t stop loving her because that is what some men would do.

senator-002Comedian Senator

‘They need to exercise patience’

Elenu and Jane have been doing it secretly (smiles) but today, it is formalised. To God be the glory as they decided to follow our footsteps. Elenu really loves Jane and Jane is a very diligent woman, well reserved. So, Elenu should consider himself very lucky to have such a jewel as a wife.

As a married man of one year (smiles), my advice to them is endurance, particularly the husband. He must exercise patience, because of the nature of women. Women were the first to discover the forbidden fruit, according to Christian doctrine. That means they are wiser, that is why we need to respect them, especially their opinions.

Comedian MC longs

‘They should learn to live in trust’

Elenu is my carbon copy, although he is a little bigger than me. I am here all the way from Jos to attend this wedding because Elenu is a good brother, humble and he can sacrifice anything to keep a relationship. I am very popular in Jos and my weekends are always booked for shows, but I cancelled them to be here today because of Elenu.

A lot of people got married because they are in love but I want Elenu to get married because he trusts Jane. The fact that you are lying on the same bed with your wife and she’s not killing you, that is trust; the fact that she would cook, even when you’re not there, you eat it, that’s trust because you believe she can’t poison you. You can always sacrifice for someone you trust, but you cannot always sacrifice for someone you don’t love. You cannot give your life to your brother even though you love him. So, they should learn to live in trust. They shouldn’t give their ears to what people say.

Comedian Ushbebe

DSC_2002-001‘They should solve their problem themselves’

Elenu has been my friend for a long time, over eight years and I am happy that he’s doing this today. I should have done mine before him, but I gave him the go ahead (smiles). Frankly, he’s a good and caring man and I want to say that Jane is very lucky to have Elenu as husband, because having Elenu is like winning a trophy. I wish the couple all the best.

They should love themselves more, forget about everything outside. They should solve their problems themselves instead of telling people because they would only be problematic to their relationship.


DSC_1980-001Designer, Yomi Casual

‘They should understand their difference’

Elenu and Jane are very lovely people. They are fun to be with. To start with Elenu, he’s a friend and a brother, he is like my elder brother and we take each other very serious. He is a unique person, God fearing. As for Jane, she is a wonderful woman, very reserved, and I want to congratulate Elenu for getting married to her.

In every relationship, understanding matters a lot. I want to urge the couple to understand their differences, so that they can live happily as a couple. More important, they should exercise patience.



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