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CLASSICS: City FM MD, Adedoja-Allen dissects the station @ 2


MRS. Adedoja-Allen is the Managing Director of City 105.1 FM.  The radio station will be two years old in July 2012, and is set for a major relaunch to rebrand it. Mrs. Allen in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, spoke on the journey so far and what to expect after the relaunch of the station and much more.


City 105.1 FM will be two in July, how are you celebrating?

City FM would be two come July 8, 2012. The station would celebrate elaborately. But before the actual date in July, there would be a re-launch of the station. The main purpose of the re-launch is to rebrand the station, the on-air personalities, the programmes, music and every other thing that make up the station. This event is coming up on June 20, 2012. After that, we would do a road show to celebrate with our fans. The main celebration is on July 8.

How would you assess the success of the station so far?

We are doing well. We bless God, things are improving by the day. The music, the quality of the programmes, the on-air personalities and technology. We have more qualified presenters anchoring the morning shows, mid-day shows and the night belt. We can also say we are doing much better considering the caliber of advertisements we are getting now. And our revenue figures have skyrocketed.

What did you set out to achieve when the station started?

The station started in July 2010. I started in the middle of February. My sole aim has been to reposition the station, to set the station amongst the top competitors, to ensure that the station has the necessary technology, infrastructure, skilled and talented staff that can compete with other on-air personalities. The goal is to be among the top radio stations in the country.

Would you say you have achieved your aim?

Of course, we started very well. We have improved technologically and we are working very hard to get to that place that God has set out for us.

So, what should we expect from City 105.1 FM in five years?

To be the No. 1 radio station in the country. In two years time we should be one of the top three.

Don’t you have intention of expanding to other parts of the country?

Not immediately, but we are working on springing surprises in Abuja, Port Harcourt and the Northern parts of the country before the end of 2013.

What stands City 105.1 FM out?

We do more of lifestyle and entertainment. This is what people want to listen to, in order to get their mind off the stress off the day. So, we do what most stations don’t broadcast which gives us that advantage and edge over others.

Do you have any official data as regards the number of people that listen to City 105.1 FM?

The radio listenership ratio in Nigeria is 1.5 million. I’d say we take about 25 to 30 per cent.

How do you intend to increase the figure?

I believe in consistency. We’ll keep doing the good work we are doing. Keep improving the quality of our presenters and improve the technology by the minute. We want to move forward in every possible way and I believe that by doing this the listenership ratio would also increase. For our listeners, we also have loads of freebies like tickets to London, Paris and to the cinemas, vouchers and lots of other things. These are also used to lure listeners.

What do your fans say they like about the station?

They like our music, our programmes and the presenters. Majorly the re-branding which started about two weeks back and the feedback has been possible. They like the new City FM. We do contemporary content and African content and the fans love it.

Have you heard about what they don’t like about the station, and what are you doing about it?

There has been quite a number of criticism here and there and we are working on that. It’s nothing personal and nothing negative. The criticisms has helped us to know our lapses and to know where to make positive changes. It has also helped us to improve on what we play for our listeners.

What informed the decision to re-launch the station?

It’s basically to create more awareness. City FM started about two years ago, and we still have some people who haven’t heard about the station. So, the re-launch is to create a good image for the station.

Can you please unveil the owners of City FM?

City FM is owned by a group of people. About 10 people on the board, but I can’t say the names of these people.

What does the brand City 105.1 FM stand for?

We are the lifestyle entertainment station of Lagos. So, everything going on in the city of Lagos, Lasgidi is our business to deliver to the people of Lagos.

Who is Mrs. Adedoja-Allen?

I am the Managing Director of City 105.1 FM.  I studied Mathematics at the University of Ibadan, I bagged Second Class Upper division. I proceeded to the United Kingdom to do my Master’s in Business and Information Technology at Arston University, Birmingham. After schooling, I worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), as an accountant and one other telecommunications agency in the UK. I got married and returned to Nigeria in 2007. I worked with an investment company which I headed the Fund Account Unit. In 2010, I decided to take up this wonderful opportunity as the Managing Director of City FM.

How did you start your journey to journalism?

(Laughs) I started in 2010, with City FM job. I did not have any background whatsoever, but when the opportunity came, they wanted someone with more of a business experience. I fitted and I personally saw it as a challenging opportunity to go out of my comfort zone.

What should we expect from you in the future?

Those that know me, know that God that brought me this far would see me through to the end and help me to be successful at it.



This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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