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CLASSICS: Ex-beauty queen, Ifeoma Williams fumes over alleged adultery mess with billionaire mogul – ‘It’s all lies, let me be please’


IFEOMA Williams, Miss Lux 2001, has debunked the tale making the rounds on the internet that she was caught in an adultery mess with a billionaire oil mogul.

Ifeoma Williams

Ifeoma Williams

The stunning beauty who is very married and has children has labelled the rumour disheartening, wicked, malicious and far-fetched.  Apart from not being in Paris (France) lately, where the dalliance reportedly blew open with the wife of the oil magnate trailing the illicit lovers there, she is a decent woman whose marriage is as solid as a rock.

And to insinuate that she was the person fingered in the scandal is mischievous and unpalatable.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Saturday, June 29, 2013, Mrs. Williams (married to Andre Williams), was upset about the fact that malevolent bloggers could bring her into this odious mess.

“It is all lies.  What does it profit one to smear a soul at all costs, yet no evidence, and all anonymous?  Does this sound right to you?” she said on Saturday, June 29, 2013.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly asked Mrs. Williams her relationship with the oil mogul, she shunned our inquiries, insisting she should be left alone in peace.

“I have been through hell. I want to be left alone in peace.  If you must join them to publish the falsehood, at least, research well.  May God help us all.”

Last week, a portal had broken the story of how a billionaire businessman (allegedly identified as Lagos socialite, Tunde Folawiyo) was caught in Paris, France with a married ex-beauty queen (Ifeoma Williams) by his wife.

According to the unconfirmed story that has since gone viral on the internet, the wife of the billionaire oil mogul, who has been

Ifeoma Williams

Ifeoma Williams

suspecting her husband’s relationship with the ex-beauty queen, traced the ‘lovebirds’ to their hotel in the exotic city synonymous with luxury and romance.  According to the report, the affair Ifeoma Williams secretly built with the respected, calm, hardworking and handsome man of means has been on for a while, giving his wife enough time to monitor their liaison.  And not long ago, she allegedly caught them red-handed in the magical city called Paris.

With the scandalous and juicy story flying in and out of blogs, it has now become the topic on the lips of many in high society circles while Ifeoma’s ‘enemies’ have capitalized on it to throw the mud, alleging more unprintable lifestyle of hers. A few who know her well told  ENCOMIUM Weekly that the lady is decent, pristine, prime and proper as her outward appearance clearly portrays.

And true to ENCOMIUM Weekly’s tradition of a fair hearing, we reached out to the one-time Miss Lux, so she could set the record straight and as well clear her good name.  Below are the questions we sent to her on Saturday, June 29, 2013.  Her response was, however, the same as her previous comments on the wicked allegation that obviously rattled and disorganized her.

In her response on Sunday, June 30, 2013, the protagonist in the shocking romance scandal said: “I have no comments.  It is in your best interest not to join the bandwagon.  I say this to you boldly.  Do not print one word of maligning lies. I have children.  The consequences will be dire.  This is no threat.  It is a firm promise.  Please, leave me alone.”


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