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CLASSICS: Ex-MBGN, Sylvia Nduka opens up on her hair extension outfit

EX-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka is now neck deep into hair extension business and she’s happy and excited about it. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she said the business is raking in money for her adding that she had to employ eight workers so that they can hold the forth while she faces her education squarely and much more.


Why did you venture into the hair business?

It is passion driven. From childhood, I have always loved a tidy hair-do and I do my hair every week. So, I believe that anything that is passion driven is worth doing.

Can it be assumed that you went into this business because you did not want to be idle?

I went into this business because I wanted to give back to the society. It has always been my dream to make it and give back. Besides, I can create jobs and I have never liked idleness.

Who gave you the concept?

I prayed about it and God directed me. I get really inspired by His word.

How much was your take off capital?

This is really personal but I strongly believe you can start a business with whatever you have because business in general has to do with management not really about how much you have invested.

What has been the response from your customers?

We are in Nigeria where every girl wants Brazilian hair, etc. This is Sylvia’s Hair, and so the response has been so great, I must say.

What was your target when you ventured into this business?

My target was to brand a hair that won’t be shading. I wanted to make a difference and I have been praying and hoping that with hard work, we will be known everywhere.

Is this business profit oriented?

Of course, it is profit oriented because it is my brand. There is no imitation yet because we are trying hard to keep our standard really high. No shading, no tangle and we have one of the best hair products in stock.

What’s your staff strength?

Two at the customer service, two sales representatives and two who take stocks. So, I have eight employees altogether.

How about school work, how do you juggle both?

I had to engage eight meticulous staff so that the work will be divided. We have a point of sales that takes easy stock of my goods. All I do is to e-mail my manufacturers for new stock. I pay more attention to my studies, no distractions. So, I am still very much focused on my education.

Who is the lucky man in your life at the moment?

I will keep my personal life private.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, June 26, 2012



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