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CLASSICS: Femi Bright explains how envy and mudslinging slowed him down as an actor


FEMI Bright is one of the top actors of the Yoruba movie genre. In a chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, June 7, 2012, he opened up on his new comedy series, Civilian Barracks and sundry issues.


What are you working on presently?

I am working on a comedy series which is running on LTV now, Civilian Barracks.  It is basically on the normal Nigerian lifestyle, where you have a lot of people living in a big compound. We have lots of characters there, funny and hilarious characters.

It’s been a while you featured in a movie, why?

It is because of the soap I told you earlier. Apart from that, I’m working on Omoronike, which is another soap too. We have shot over 28 episodes which tells you how busy I’ve been. I am the writer and director too.

Is it true that you have equally ventured into music?

No, it is my wife. I only help in directing her lyrics.

We learnt you’ve decided to go into full time production as a director and producer, is it true?


Why and which works have you done?

Actually, when my going to locations as an actor reduced, I decided to go into it and I’m really enjoying it. Because all along, I’ve been a good writer but I’ve not been able to express myself as I wished. Now that I’ve gotten the chance, I’ll maximize the opportunity. I’m working on Civilian Barracks, Omoronike and many others I don’t want to disclose for now. There are big projects in the offing.

So many artists are into comedy now, what’s your take on that?

It’s a matter of interest, talent and skill.

Will you say things have changed over the allegation that some people in the industry are envying your success?

I don’t know. All I just know is that many people have been so negative right from the beginning. At times, when a producer wants to give me job, some of them will say, “He can’t do it.” Take Wale Adenuga for instance, I’ve known him long before he started television production because I was modelling for him in Ikebe Super magazine. So, he invited me when he wanted to start his television production which is Binta, My Daughter, which I coordinated and played the role of Baba Binta and my wife, Mama Binta. Along the line when Papa Ajasco and Super Story came in, a lot of people were coming in. Whenever he casted me for a role, there’ll be lots of counter opinions. I would have been directing for him long ago, although he invited me to direct the work. To my surprise, it was another person I saw doing the directing of the very work he told me about when he show started. I later learnt that some of his crew members in a meeting he held with them said, though I’m good but I won’t be able to do it because I get tired easily. So, I’ll say you’re not far from the truth for asking that question because envy is the only word we can use to describe that.

1930-1169814702-6c373a32b9298762c2e3aa98dfedd53fIs that impression true or what do you think could have informed that?

Only God knows where they got that.

How do you manage with acting only or do you engage in other businesses?

No. All I’ve been doing is full time and to the glory of God.

Do you feel comfortable with one kid?

Even if I’m not comfortable, who do I challenge? What do I do? God has the final say.

And your wife?

Even if she’s not happy, what will she do? Besides, we have to be happen because there are some people out there that have none. So, we have every cause to be happy over the one that God has given to us and it is our prayer that God will nurture him for us.

How do you cope as a celebrity couple?

We are coping. She’s away on location now, she won’t be back till 10 to 12 days. And as you can see, I’m here in the studio working on a production. It goes on and on like that.

What stage will you say your career is now?

I think it’s at its best because of the jobs I told you and the ones I didn’t disclose. My hands are full writing and directing and I’m really enjoying it.

Without doubt, God has been good to you, what else do you want God to do for you?

I want God to send money (laughs). I’m expecting very big money to follow all this.

Back to Civilian Barracks, how has the response been?

It’s been really marvelous. We receive calls daily, people are really commending our efforts. That’s why we have those adverts as young as we are. This is our eighth week on Lagos Television, people like it a lot.

A word for upcoming actors?

Patience and perseverance because I’ve been on for ages now, abandoned for several years. But I never get tired. I kept moving on. So, patience and perseverance is the watchword.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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