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CLASSICS: Funsho Adeolu takes rumour mongers headlong – ‘I’m still very much a thespian’

VERSATILE Nollywood actor, Funsho Adeolu is arguably one of the finest Yoruba actors that have carved a niche for himself until recently when he was allegedly abandoned by producers. Funsho, however, debunked the tale when ENCOMIUM Weekly met him on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at Ologbo Nla Hotel, Isheri, Lagos, where he opened up on what has been keeping him busy.


What is the latest about your acting career?

I’m still an actor and I direct films. I have a band and I anchor events. Generally, I am an all round entertainer.

In recent times, we observed that you have not been featured in movies, what really happened to you?

I don’t take any kind of script that is why you will not find me in most movies. Basically, I have a stand in the industry, so it’s not about appearing in movies that is important to me. I choose strictly the kind of movies I do. So, most of the time when the producer calls me, I look at the scripts and I reject the ones I don’t like. The reason I am doing this is for me to set a standard for myself as an actor. In the industry, for instance, I am on location right now and I have been very busy. At least, I have two or three movies in a month.

How would you react to the insinuation that marketers instructed producers not to feature you in their movies?

(Cuts in) No! No!! No!!! That is a lie. I have just told you that I am on location right now and I have been very busy. Before now, I was directing a movie in Ile-Ife (Osun State). I work with Tunde Kelani. So, I don’t think any marketer has said that. Maybe it’s a rumour. It is a simple principle, I select the kind of work I do. I want a situation where people will see me in movies and would praise me, not the ones that will ridicule my image.

Tell us about the movie you are shooting now.

I can’t disclose the title of the movie but it’s about the Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Ibadan. So, I am the director. It is a very big project, when it is out, everybody will love it.

How rich are you as an actor?

I will just say I am a comfortable person. I don’t go borrowing. If I am broke, I am broke. So, I will not say I am rich. I would neither say I am rich or poor. But I will say I am comfortable with what I have. The car I ride is not for the poor. My children go to nice schools and my wife is not complaining.

Would you say you have any regret so far?

No! I have no regret being an actor. I have always been on top of my game. So, I have no cause to regret.

How do you juggle your career and family life?

I am married to a wife that is very understanding, she was in the industry before. So, when I am not working, you won’t see me around clubs. I am always with my wife and children. If I’m to go out, I go with my wife. I cherish my family a lot.

Before you were one of the most admired actors by women, are they still flocking about you now?

(Smiles) You are insinuating that I am no more in vogue. I still have a lot of women. In fact, they still call me the finest. I love my female fans, they also love me.

How do you handle them as a married man?

It depends. If they come with bad intention, I turn them down. The reason is the fact that my family is happy with me. My female fans know me very well. However, I am not a saint but I don’t allow them to seduce me. Great people in the Bible and the Quran met their downfall as a result of women. So, I won’t allow women to ruin my career. If you come like a friend, I will accept you.

What do you think is missing in the industry that if its injected, it will make the industry better?

Professionalism, that’s all. Most of them are not professionals, all they want is to show their faces on big screen so that people can appreciate them. They want to be known for nothing. So, if we have a lot of professionals, people that are particular about their names, many things will be right, nobody will do a low budget or nonsense movie.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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