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CLASSICS: ‘I refused to be forced into marriage, now is the right time – Sammie Okposo as he weds Uzioma Mkparu

    • Blow by blow account of the Thursday, July 1 nuptials graced by Gov. Uduaghan, Pastors Adefarasin and Oritsejafor

FINALLY, Sammie Okposo is completely married.  After the traditional wedding ceremony on Saturday, June 26, 2010, in Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State, they returned to Lagos for the white wedding.  The venue was the Lagoon Restaurant, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos and date was Thursday, July 1, 2010.  It was a gathering of family, friends, well wishers and the who-is-who in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Here’s how it happened.



Sammie Okposo worships at the House on the Rock Church, pastored by Pastor Paul Adefarasin.  They do not have a permanent place of worship and hold their Sunday services at the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.  So this obviously made Sammie to use the Lagoon Restaurant as the venue for both the wedding and the reception.

The wedding hall was quite small, but still accommodated an appreciable number of guests.  Those that couldn’t enter immediately went into the reception hall which was just the adjoining hall and watched the proceedings on the big screen TV sets placed at vantage points of the hall. Both halls were decorated by Open Hands, owned by Yemi and Akin Ariyo.



The official time on the invite was 3 p.m, but the wedding eventually kicked off at exactly 4 p.m.  The couple and most of the guests had already arrived and seated at the venue.  Sammie was in a grey morning suit tails like his best man, Nathan Akinremi.  The groom’s men, Kunle Ayo, Felix Osioh, Samsong, Chidi Mokeme, Segun Obe, Mike Aremu, DJ Gosporella, Arinze Okonkwo, Dekunle Fuji, Eric Arubayi, Femi Jacob, Charles Nwogbe and June Jack, were all in black suits and white shirts.

Prior to his entry, Pastor Paul Adefarasin and his fellow officiating ministers, all dressed in grey suits, had been in the hall.

The bride, Ozioma, looking very beautiful and ravishing in her white wedding gown, arrived the venue in a white stretch Limo.  She then entered the hall with her train in front and sat with Sammie in front, facing the ministers.



Sammie is a well known lover of the colour green.  He is also a Globacom ambassador, so everywhere was in different shades of green. He and his men wore light green bow ties and cravats while the ladies in the bridal train were in darker shades of green.  The hall’s decoration also had very strong tinges of green. Most of the guests either wore something green or had a green ornament on them and even the programme of event and menu were printed on green paper.



In no time, Pastor Paul Adefarasin took up the task of joining Sammie and Ozioma in holy matrimony.  Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor joined them at the altar.  Adefarasin asked for the final time if either of the couple or any of the guests knew of any impediment to the joining of the couple and none spoke, so he continued.



After reading the marriage exhortation and identifying Mr. Kene Mkparu as the person to give the bride out in marriage, Pastor Adefarasin asked the couple to step forward.   ‘Have you accepted Jesus Christ and baptized and spoken in different tongues as a sign of the Holy Spirit?’ he asked each of them and when they answered, ‘Yes.’  He demanded a demonstration.  Sammie spoke in tongues and his wife followed.  The audience never understood what either of them said, but they listened all the same.



The pastor asked Sammie if he could call him by his full name, Samuel and Sammie agreed.  He then asked the couple to make vows of marriage to each other which they did.  At exactly 4.53 pm on Thursday, July 1, 2010, Samuel Okposo and Ozioma Mkparu were officially pronounced husband and wife.  All ordained ministers of the gospel were invited to the altar while the congregation was requested to stretch forth their hands to bless and pray for the couple.



Prior to this ritual, the Pastor asked Sammie to search out the bride’s veil and lift it.  He then asked him to kiss the bride if he had never kissed her before.  This drew a loud laughter from the audience and there was more laughter when they were asked to repeat the kiss for the benefit of the cameras.  Afterwards, they proceeded to sign the marriage register.



Gifted gospel singer, Nikki Laoye and the Chosen Treasure Band were in charge of praise in the church and they did a wonderful job.  They sang during the offering while the couple was at the registry.



The jovial governor of Delta State and his wife were at the wedding.  They arrived before most of the guests and were seated at the front.  The governor was to be the chairman of the event but he left before the reception and his wife (Mrs. Roli Uduaghan) and daughter stood in for him.



Even before the end of the church service, guests had fully occupied the reception hall. A number of tables were, however, reserved for members of the families and very important personalities.  The hall was never going to take everyone but guests managed it.  While some people stayed for the church service only, others came for the reception and some only stayed for a while before leaving.  But so many celebrities registered their presence.



Niger-Delta gospel crooner, Asu Ekiye, who recently had some issues with Sammie was present.  Not only that, he stayed throughout the church service and when it was time for the reception, he happily mounted the stage to usher in the train into the reception hall.  The groom’s men formed a guard of honour through which the couple marched to their reserved seats.  Ace comedian, Ali Baba and MC Abbey were the MCs of the night and they were later joined by Tee A and Gordons.



After the opening prayer and the National Anthem which was sang by Onos Brisbi, the wife of the Delta State governor delivered her opening remarks.  She blessed the couple and offered a long list of advice garnered from her own marriage.  She charged them to be there for each other and avoid taking a lot of advice from their friends.  She also promised to call them from time to time to advice them.  The deputy governor of Lagos State, Mrs. Sarah Sosan was present and she was grateful for the support she has been giving to the wife of the Lagos State governor, Mrs. Abimbola Fashola.



The new couple then proceeded to cut their cake as they were directed.  They successfully did this before feeding themselves in turns.  The bride, Ozioma, went on her knees to feed Sammie while Sammie fed her afterwards.  The comedians teased Sammie mercilessly, but all was in good faith.



The couple had already shared a kiss in the church, but they were requested to share another one for the reception guests.  Gordons was in charge and he again teased Sammie non-stop.  He demanded that they start the kiss at the count of five but when he decided to take years to get to five, Sammie and his wife began kissing.  He then abandoned them to do other things and when they eventually stopped, he drew attention to Sammie adjusting his trousers.  This drew great laughter from the audience.



It’s not every bride that’s lucky to marry a musician and Ozioma reaped the benefits of this when Sammie serenaded her with some of the best love songs. Most of the couples in the house quickly turned it to theirs and danced happily together while the song lasted.  Ali Baba was seen in the bosom of his wife, Mary, while Patrick and Ireti Doyle danced together from where they were seating.



Assorted dishes and drinks were available.  Also printed on green paper it consisted of pounded yam, eba, efo riro, egusi soup, jollof rice, egg and vegetable, fried rice, vegetable noodles, chicken gizzard in tomato sauce, peppered chicken stew, assorted beef stew, seasoned salad, cole slaw in the leaf, fried plantain, moin moin and puff puff.  There were also mineral drinks, fruit juices, non-alcoholic wine and water.



DJ Gosporella was the official DJ of the day but it was a musician’s wedding so music will definitely not be lacking.  A host of gospel artists, including Kefee, Asu Ekiye, Anny Ibrahim, Hope Davies, Onos Brisbi, Segun Obe, comedian Gordons and so many others made sure no one left the dance floor.  The music continued very far into the night even after most of the guests had left.



In no particular order and with the possibility of so many omissions these were the guests at Sammie Okposo’s wedding and reception.  Governor and Mrs. Uduaghan, Mr. Donald Duke, Mrs. Sarah Sosan, Segun Arinze, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Chief Dele Momodu, Mr. Niyi Ogbaro, Nigga Raw and wife, Ebube Nwagbo, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Funke Akindele, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Patrick and Ireti Doyle, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Edi Lawani, Kefee, Alariwo, Buchi, Cally Ikpe, Blackky and so many others.

Bridal make-up was by Nam.


‘I married a woman that would keep my head straight’




How do you feel about your marriage?

I am so happy that it has come to pass. I’m so glad I am doing it now. I am glad I didn’t do it before now and words are not just enough to describe how I feel now. I am very happy that God gave me such a woman.

What about all the controversies and the stories about you and so many other women, did you see this coming?

I saw it coming that’s why I wasn’t moved.  It has been speculated that I am going to marry so many times and it never happened. I kept my cool because I knew that when it was time for me to marry, I will marry. I was not going to be forced into marriage.

How did you meet your wife?

I met her during one of my travels after one of my concerts in Europe.

What attracted you to her?

There was a calmness about her that I couldn’t explain.  She was self-sufficient, not needing a man to make her feel good because she is already feeling good because God made her that way.  That was one of the things I was looking for in a woman. I wanted a woman that would complement me and I saw that in her.  She was fine by herself and just looking for a man to help to be fine.  I needed someone that was a total opposite of me. I am an extrovert and I needed a calm person that would give me balance.  Apart from that, she loves God with all her heart and she is very beautiful.  I needed a woman that would keep my head straight, looking straight in one direction.

What about your honeymoon?

I don’t know yet but I will be travelling out after my thanksgiving on Sunday.


‘Nobody marries my sister without saying hello to my gun’

  • KENE MKPARU (Bride’s brother)


What is your position in the family?

I am the eldest brother of the bride and I have been her father for the past 18 years.

How do you feel about the marriage?

I think it’s fantastic.  It’s been quite a few months in the making.  Marriage is something good and this is special.  They have waited a long time for this.

How long have you been married?

13 years.

So, as an experienced married man, what’s your advice to the new couple?

The important thing is having a foundation in God.  Because problems will come and when they do, it’s necessary to have a foundation to be able to deal with them.  When you have a solid foundation, when the problems come, you will find yourself in a good position to deal with them.

When did you get to know about your sister’s relationship with Sammie Okposo and how did you feel about it?

Quite a while ago. I have four sisters and before anybody marries them he has to say hello to my gun. I had no problems with their relationship.  My sister is a grown woman and she makes good choices.

So, what do you wish them?

I wish them a long and successful marriage. I wish them happiness and prosperity and I pray that God should bless them.


‘ Sammie has found a jewel’




What do you do?

I am an IT consultant.  We just moved from London back to Nigeria.

Having been married into the Mkparu family for 13 years, what are some of the qualities your sister-in-law is taking to Sammie’s house?

She is a very dedicated, God-fearing woman.  Sammie has found a jewel.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a wife that you think she’s going to face too?

It’s just to balance all the roles you need to play as a woman.  You need to have time for your family, your husband’s career, children and every other thing.

So, what’s your advice to her?

She needs to keep a cool head.  She should have the interest of her immediate family and the extended one.  She should be prayerful and always talk things over with her husband.  They are one now.

What do you wish them?

Every blessing that God has for them should come to pass in Jesus name.


‘When I found out that Sammie would be my son-in-law, I put it in God’s hand’

  • IFEOMA MKPARU, Bride’s mother

How many children do you have?



Seven but one is with the Lord.  Ozioma is the second to the last of my children. She is the last to marry and I have now given out all my children in marriage.

When did you find out that she was getting married to Sammie Okposo?

When every other person found out.

How did you feel about your daughter getting married to a celebrity?

All I know is that immediately I found out that Sammie was getting married to my daughter, I put everything in God’s hand and as soon as I did that, things changed.

As her mother and someone experienced in marriage, what is your advice to her?

In addition to what the pastor said in the church, I have advised her that marriage is not a boy or girl friendship.  It is important to understand and love each other.

What are you going to miss about your daughter?

Her being with me whenever I wanted but at the same time, I knew she is not lost because she has to go and build her home like I did.

Do you have any objection to her not marrying an Igbo?

No, because in my family we married from different tribes.

What is your wish for your daughter?

That they be an example to other couples.


‘I had been praying for him to come out of the vicissitudes of bachelorhood’

  • ASU EKIYE, Groom’s colleague


How do you feel about the wedding of your friend?

I am here because he’s my friend and we have been praying for him to come out of the vicissitudes of bachelorhood. I am one of those who have been telling him to come out of bachelorhood and marry.  Today, he’s married and I came all the way from Canada two days ago to witness it.

For how long have you been married?

I have been married for 12 years.

What are some of the challenges you faced which your friend should expect?

Challenges of consistency, self control, financial stability and if he is able to cross some of these rubicons, his marriage will be successful.

Both of you are gospel musicians, how would you combine it with fatherhood and husbandship?

Women are excited about showbiz people, a lot of ladies are attracted to showbiz but there must be a dividing line.  If you want to do gospel, there must be credibility. If you are a secular artist, you can have as many women as you want but if you are a gospel musician and you have a lot of girls, then you are bound to fail.  As a gospel musician, your control level has to be higher than that of other people in entertainment.  That is what I expect from Sammie now –self control.

What do you wish him?

A happy and fruitful marriage.


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