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CLASSICS: ‘I’m one of the most ‘toasted’ girls in Nigeria’ – Delicious crooner, Fragrance

DELECTABLE singer, Fragrance, shot into limelight with her beautiful song, So Lovely. However, for some time she went off the scene and tongues started wagging. On Thursday, July 8, 2010, she opened up to ENCOMIUM Weekly on where she has been and more.


What has been happening to you lately?



I have been working in the studio and performing at gigs. I put out a video last year, We Be One, shot by Deejay Tee. I was ready with the album entitled Treasure, but I wasn’t happy with the album, so I hooked up with Bayo Cean Joseph (BJAY Productions). He produces ADOL as well and we have been making beautiful music. My songs have been getting rave reviews on internet sites like, and all sites that host Nigerian music. Even which is Ghanaian has my songs on heavy rotation.

You have been out of circulation lately, what is the problem?

Circulation? Indeed I have. First, I stopped doing free shows. In Lagos people just want to do events without paying for it. I decided to give such events a miss and concentrate on my sophomore album, so it can be something special which I am glad to say it now is. Now and forever, which is the album title, will raise the standards a few notches. Trust me. Also, I do not attend shows I am not invited to. Like the Hip-hop World Awards, I would have loved to attend, but how could I when I didn’t have invite? I dey fear bouncing oh! I dey respect myself. But I will be more visible soon, now that the album is ready.

Why have you not released a new album since your sensational hit album?

Like I said, I had to rework the album and make it a classic. Something that can be played Now and Forever, as the title implies. You will agree that the Banky Ws and The 2Faces and P-Squares are raising the bar really high. MI too. It is just not about putting albums out but putting great albums out. This is my fourth year in the industry and indeed, I am due for a new album. Glad to say that I am ready.
There is also the business side to it. I am taking time to get a good deal. I have received a lot of offers from record labels here in Nigeria, but more from the diaspora. I just do not want to go through what I went through with my last label, where the label execs aren’t based here. But for my hesitation in this regard, you would have seen me as very visible because my music is even better now.

Some people alleged that you are still hurt over the demise of your mum who is also your benefactor.  What is your take on that?

Yes indeed. It hit me harder than I dared to admit because we were particularly close. But it is not that at all. She wanted me to be a singer and a singer I am. I can’t afford to disappoint her, wherever she is.



Have you gotten over it and what do you miss about her?

Her gentleness and advise. The encouragement, everything

Is it true that you are passing through financial crunch?

Financial crunch? Yes. Have you seen the videos coming out? Dare Alade, P-Square, and of course Banky W? Do you have any idea how much those videos cost?  If you think of it and how many videos they bring out, you will have a heart attack. Then, the money for promotions. A deejay asked me to bring N500,000 just to play my song on air. Where will you get that kind of money? I spent over a million five hundred shooting with Deejay Tee. E no easy eh!  I thank God I have a lot of friends who are supportive, who do not ask for money to do stuff for me. I make a little money from my events, but God dey.

What has been happening between you and your manager, Ena?  It was alleged that you have broken up and that is why you have been off the scene for a while?

No, Ena is like an elder brother. Our hands are on the plough together. Any minute from now, he will be here. Every song on the album, we wrote together. Devil sef no go like make we quarrel. He does all my running around.

Are you still together?

Yes oh!!! It is a business we have chosen to do; he helping me be all I can be as it pertains to my career.

You are sexy and sing sexy songs, how do you cope with your male fans?

Every time I get off the stage, it is like I want to be mobbed. But my crew, the long Johns who are very tall twins and my designated bodyguards, are there to protect me. You should see me on stage. I am now kind of aware that I am prettier than the average girl. But I am sure I am one of the most toasted people in Nigeria. When I am online, over 50 love messages every day. I don’t blame them, dem dey try their luck.



What is happening to your love life?

Still non-existent. No man can stand the attention I am getting. I am sure he will be too jealous and ruin my career. I cannot have that. God gave me this amazing talent and I will use it to the fullest. Music is a very jealous profession. I need to pursue it full-time, devoid of male interference.

When will the wedding bell ring?

I am not a prophet. It will ring when it will ring. But I do not see it anywhere in the horizon.

What are the qualities of your ideal man?

Rich. Seriously, I guess it is what most girls would want.  Not too bad looking, nice, gentle, faithful, and not too boring. More importantly, someone who must realize that I was born to sing and who will support me in that regard as much as possible.

Have you experienced a broken heart in a relationship before?

You really want make I answer this question?  Okay yes. But I will not go any further oh.



What happened and what are the lessons learnt?

Nobody is perfect, no matter how nice they look and act. I am not as well. Some things work out, some don’t.   Finally I just want my fans and friends to know I never left. I read the articles in the dailies about my leaving the scene.  I have been working and if they go to this site, they will feel a few of my singles. The album is dropping soon. So pray for me.



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