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Classics: Lagos’ most wanted female fraudster attempts suicide inside Police cell

FEMALE socialite and suspected fraudster, Ms. Olupero Sosan a.k.a Dr. Olupero Adebimpe Aduke Sosan, who was arrested by the police on Friday, May 22, 2009, attempted to kill herself in the police cell.

Pero who was arrested by the men  of the Special Anti-Fraud Squad, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, from her hide-out at 1, Alhaji Tunde Salisu Street, Iyana Ejigbo, Lagos, was said to have used razor blade to cut herself on the wrist and was bleeding profusely before she collapsed and passed out.

She was later revived by the police and taken to General Hospital, Lagos, where she is receiving treatment.  So far, two pints of blood and 28 drips has been given to her on the sick bed where her leg was chained to the bed. The police, we learnt, are waiting for her to recover very well before she is taken to court for fraud and attempted suicide.

Meanwhile, since we published her story last week, more people have called us to narrate how she has also allegedly duped them.  One of the people that called us was an artiste who does not want her name to be published.  She told us how Pero allegedly duped some of her colleagues by deceiving them with a  soap opera project. She had told them, that the soap opera entitled Above 40, will be aired by AIT for four quartersm with 13 episodes for each quarter.  She told them that after AIT, the soap opera would also be shown on NTA Network after which it would be sold to DSTV.

with Ayo Mogaji

with Ayo Mogaji

Her financier, she claimed, was Intercontinental Bank.

The artistes, which include Ayo Mogaji, Akin Lewis, Jumoke George, Carol King, Bukky Odumote, Olumide Bakare, Professor Ayo Akinwale, Keji Yusuf, Ebun Oloyede, Paul Adams, Bimbo Manuel, Toyin Defarin –a lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, were all lodged at Ologbo Nla Hotel, Isheri Olofin, Lagos.

She promised paying them fantastic fee running into hundreds of thousands.  She also told them that Nigerian Breweries Plc, Guinness Nigeria Plc and Dangote has promised them several cartons of beverages and juice drinks.

For six months, these artistes were lodged at the hotel doing only rehearsals. They never got to do the real thing until Pero was thrown out of the hotel.

It was not only the artistes that were deceived by Ms. Sosan, members of the crew were equally fooled by her. She promised to give the director, one Mr. Bambo Adebayo a KIA Torato, the director of photography, one Mr. Sunday Ogunyemi was promised a KIA Sportage and another KIA Picanto.  All these cars, she told them had been purchased by Intercontinental Bank through Morenike, and would be given to them very soon.

What peeved most of the artistes most was the fact that she actually got some amount from the bank.  She got N2.5 million but rather than giving them their promised allowances, she was said to have squandered N1 million of the amount to renovate the Ologbo Nla Hotel because of her romantic relationship with the owner. This was before the relationship went sour and she was thrown out of the hotel.

Those she pretended to have paid were paid with dud cheques.  For example, the four scriptwriters she called for the scripts conference were promised N150,000 each. She later gave them a cheque of N50,000 each, which bounced.

Mr. Bambo Adebayo, the director of the production even sold his shares for N300,000 and gave the money to her to settle some bills with a promise that she would pay him back. She never did.

Mrs. Ayo Mogaji-Odule, her long-term friend, was also said to be terribly hurt that she could recall her from London where she was planning to settle down with her new husband and have another child.  But when we called Ayo Mogaji, she said she came to Nigeria when she wanted to come and not because of the said soap opera.  She added that she has put the whole episode behind her.  She also said she knew Pero at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, like other artistes which include – Kunle Bamtefa, Yemi Solade, etc., all of whom knew her through her aunt, Ms. Toun Oni.

We also received a call from another woman who told us how Pero used her friend (another woman) to snatch Abacha from her.  Pero, according to the woman knew her friend in Kano where she was going out with a Minister of Communication of northern origin. The minister was said to have given Pero a whole building.  The ground floor of the building served as a boutique while the upper floor served as her residence.

In Kano, according to our source who also does not want to be mentioned, Pero was known as Dr. Awa Nana Yusuf.  She told us that not only did Pero allegedly dupe her friend of very expensive gold, she also snatched Abacha from her.  She said her friend after reconciling with Pero over the gold issue met Pero again in Abuja when Abacha was the Head of State. She said Pero begged her friend to take her to Aso Rock to meet Abacha who was the her friend’s boyfriend

Her friend eventually took Pero to Abacha and left the two alone to exchange pleasantries with other officers around. Before she came back to meet Pero and Abacha, Pero had told Abacha how he (Abacha) impregnated her while her was the General Officer Commanding second division in Ibadan then and abandoned her.

Abacha was said to had been moved by Pero story and apologized to her. Before you know it Abacha had dropped the lady that brought Pero and started a whirlwind romance with Pero.

One of her cars

One of her cars

She said Pero became rich and powerful, courtesy of her relationship with Abacha while her friend who took her to Abacha was completely abandoned.

As they say everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. Pero’s antics caught up with her and was found out. Every property she had acquired was confiscated from her. While in Abuja however, she was not known as Pero but as Dr. Aduke Yusuf.

We were also informed by another source in the theatre industry of how Pero duped and deceived late Oba Funsho Adeolu, aka Eleyinmi of the old Village Headmaster fame.

Pero who was a presenter at with defunct NTA Channel 7, Tejuosho, Yaba, Lagos, had informed the late Funsho Adeolu of her intending engagement and marriage. She was having an affair with Chief Eleyinmi then. The chief gave her additional money and also lent her some as requested by her.

On the said engagement day, Pero disappeared into the thing air. It was stupefied staffers of NTA 7, including the General Manager then, Mr. Bode Alalade who were turned back by Pero’s mother at her 90 Brickfield Str., off Apapa Road, Ebute Metta, that there was no engagement for Pero. She herself was said to be surprised because Pero according to her left home that day for work.

Pero was not seen until two weeks later when she told her boss, Mr. Bode Alalade and colleagues her boyfriend disappointed her and how she went into hiding because of the shame.

Chief Eleyinmi was not concerned much about Pero disappearance but with the money he had loaned her. So, with Mr. Alalade and the police, Pero promised to refund Chief Eleyinmi’s money within three months.

Before three months lapsed Pero had resigned her appointment with NTA Channel 7 and allegedly pasted posters of her Obituary at Ikoyi near the residence of Chief Eleyinmi. It was Chief Eleyinmi’s driver that saw the obituary notice and told his boss.

Few months later it was an amazed Chief Eleyinmi’s that saw Pero at the premiere of Lola Fani-Kayode film Iwa, where he was one of the special guests and Pero, one of the ushers. Before the man could utter a word, Pero told him that if he say anything she would embarrass him there.

Pero was said to have duped Solitude Hotel, Jibowu to the tune of N1million. Sheraton Hotels and Tower, Ikeja also did not escape her antics.

Up till now, some of her belonging that were seized by the hotel management over unpaid bills are still with them.

The few that she took away from the hotel were given to one of the regular drivers at the hotel’s taxi park who helped her to pay some of her bills.

Pero Sosan is in her late 40s. Her primary education was at Ebute Metta, Lagos. While her secondary school education was at the Anglican Girls Grammar School, Ibadan.

Nobody is sure whether she went beyond secondary school or not. But she told some people that she went to The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where she obtained ordinary National Diploma (OND). She also told others that she was at Leeds University, Leeds, England, where Tayo Aderinokun, the Managing Director of GT Bank was her mate and where she obtained a doctorate degree in Mass Communication. She has two grown up children, one is Miss Daniella Egbe, who is around 27 years old. Her father is said to be a Cameroonian.

Her second child is a boy called Adetolu Robert. He is said to be 20 years old left Babcock University, Ilisan, when her mother could no longer pay the fees. Adetola’s father was said to be a medical doctor, one Dr. Robert, who works in one of the big private hospital in Ogba, Lagos. He was however said not to have accepted responsibility for the child.


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