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Classics: Most wanted female fraudster, Pero Sosan buried

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THE remains of Ms. Pero Sosan, the most wanted Nigeria’s female fraudster was buried on Thursday, June 25, 2009. She was committed to mother earth at Iperu Remo public cemetery along Ilisan Remo Road, Iperu at exactly 1.30 p,m after a brief church service at St. James Anglican Church, Iperu Remo, Ogun State.

Ms. Sosan, who died on Tuesday, June 2, 2009, at the General Hospital, Lagos, while recuperating from a suicide attempt in police cell, started her journey to the great beyond from Isolo General Hospital, Isolo, Lagos in a blue Volvo motor hearse, with her stepbrother, Mr. Jide Sosan and another male family member following the motor hearse.

The convoy had to wait at the Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway for the children –Daniella and Detola, who had to quickly look for another car when the one they were coming with earlier lost one of its tyres on Third Mainland Bridge.

The convoy, however, left the toll gate with two vehicles –the motor hearse and the children’s car, a Toyota Camry.

Jide Sosan had to drop his own car at the toll gate when Detola said he was too nervous to drive after seeing his mother’s casket.

The convoy went to St. James Anglican Church straight and met a handful of relatives waiting outside the church.  The service was delayed for about 15 minutes when the children could not summon up courage to push their mother’s casket into the church as required by the ministers.  After some words of encouragement from few relatives, the children aided by some church wardens wheeled their mother’s coffin inside the church.

Ironically, for late Ms. Sosan, who had on two occasions pasted her own obituary while alive, there was no obituary or any pamphlet to indicate her funeral service was going on. The congregation which was just about 20 in all –were only given hymn books by the church.

The service lasted for just 20 minutes or so and was conducted by two ministers. The ministers told the congregation that all would account for our deeds in life. One of the ministers later read out her biography which included the lies that she attended Aberdeen University, Scotland, where she obtained a degree in Mass Communication.

An incident after the church service almost marred the quiet funeral. ENCOMIUM Weekly photographer, was accosted by a female member of the family and was manhandled roughly which led to the seizure of his camera.  The photographer was beaten up by other male members of the family which led to his losing consciousness.

When the photographer fainted, there was panic by the officiating ministers who quickly helped the photographer and revived him.  The minister threatened to abandon the funeral service if the photographer’s camera was not returned to him and allowed to go.

It was at this junction that the photographer’s camera was returned but not after the memory card had been removed.  While the harassment of the photographer was going on, Miss Daniella Egbe, Sosan’s daughter was busy talking to her mother’s coffin, telling her how she had messed herself up.  How she had several times warned her about her lifestyle but she would not listen.

At the graveside again, Daniella continued with her admonition of her late mother, but this time dramatically.  The officiating minister had ordered people at the graveside to close their eyes for prayer before Ms. Sosan is finally lowered into the grave, when her daughter said no.

She ordered that before the final prayer, the casket must be opened that she wanted to see the face of her mother.  Her order was obeyed.  The coffin was opened and she personally removed the veil on her mother’s face, shook her head and began to admonish her again.  She told her mother how she had personally warned her several times but she would not listen.  For almost two minutes, she kept on saying something to her mother to show her anger and disappointment on how she ended her life before she pulled the veil back and ordered the casket closed.

After the graveside service, the mourners moved to her family house at 29, Aiyegbami Street, Iperu, where a canopy had been put in place and plastic chairs provided for people.

At the family residence, the officiating ministers also offered prayers after which food (jollof rice in take-away pack and canned soft drinks) was served.

Immediately, the food and drinks were served, the few people who came around started taking their leave.  Amongst the people that came there were Lara Akinsola-Doyin, Toyin Ajetunmobi, ANTP members from Ebute Metta, Bunmi Famodu a.k.a Boom Boom.  Her friends, Clarion Chukwura and Ayo Mogaji-Oduleye were conspicuously absent.  So was Ayo Oluwasanmi who was said to be too distraught to attend.

Before leaving Iperu, there was a family meeting in which the issue of her property was discussed.  A female member of the family suggested that a stock of her property should be taken so as to make sure they did not go to the wrong hands.  While Detola shunned the meeting on the ground that he was too young for such meeting, Daniella on her part told the family that her mother did not leave any property but debts from those she had duped.



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