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CLASSICS: Movie Producer Daniel Ademinokan Denies Engagement To Actress Stella Damasus


GOOD looking movie producer, Daniel Ademinokan (who moved from being an ordinary movie producer in Lagos to one of the richest single men in Abuja with properties running into hundreds of millions of naira) is having it hot at the moment with the gossip medium agog with the story that he is about to wed actress Stella Damasus. The producer who is alleged to be officially divorced from former wife, Doris Simeon since February 2012, was upset when we called him in New York to ask a few questions.


Let me go straight to the point. There are reports that you are engaged to be married to actress Stella Damasus. What’s the story?

I don’t know why people will not leave me alone. What’s up with this sudden new found interest in Daniel Ademinokan’s life? First, it was Tontoh Dike, then I heard I was dating Mercy Aigbe, now I’m not just dating Stella but engaged to be married to her? Na wa o.

Stella and I work together and have the same production company. We work together and if they cannot respect the fact that we are just working then it’s a shame.

So, there’s no truth in the rumour? You both are not lovers?

There’s nothing like that at all. The thought has never crossed my head. I work so freaking hard burning sweat to keep my head and family in one piece. Only for people to just sit and be making up stories. This is for the records, Stella and I are not lovers, we are not engaged and we only have a business working relationship please.

Daniel, any truth in the gist that you are about starting your own fashion label?

Yes o! I am so excited about it. It’s called Delta Pikin and it is a brand I created because I love casual clothes and I named it Delta Pikin because I am a proud son of the soil, an Urhobo man…no shaking. At the moment, we have finished the stage of designs and I am in the States tidying up production and shipping to Naija. Abbeton Designs in Nigeria is also helping with designs.

The interview ended with Daniel still lamenting about the sudden press attention on his private life and me assuring him its nothing to worry about if there are no skeletons in his cupboard.

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