CLASSICS: ‘My daughter is the love of my life’ – Actor, IK Ogbonna

Fast-rising actor, IK Ogbonna,is one of the finest actor in Nollywood. The fair and handsome dude spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly about is G-Bam Glo Ambassador deal, his love child, Makealah and much more…


Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Ik Ogbonna, I am a model, I started modelling in year 2004, after Amstel Malta Box Office and that was the first edition but I didn’t win. Since then have been into modelling. I have modelled for big brands in Nigeria, South Africa and UK. Presently, I am into movies not that I abandon modelling, I am still very much into it. I have a two years contract with Glo. I am a G-Bam Ambassador. I am also with Orange Drugs. For movies, I never considered it initially because there are people giving you ultimatum, asking for what you can give, but I have few friends like Ini Edo,Rukky Sanda and Elvis Chuks who are all on my neck to chase this part of my dream. My first attempt was Rukky Sanda’s movie, Love Long. After that I have been getting calls. I did another one with Ini Edo, Martha Akpoma (Ghanaian actress) and Tonto Dikeh. I have some new movies I will be shooting in South Africa next month.

How do you cope as a model and an actor?

I have God by my side, sometimes the whole excitement could turn you into something else but if one could remember is foundation, as a Christian I know I was brought up with a solid foundation and it has been guiding me all the way.

So, what has been the pains and gains?

The pain is, you can really do a lot of things you used to do any more. You have scripts with different locations. There was a movie I did in Calabar recently Purple Rose, I was filming from 7am to 4am the next day. Right now I am shooting a movie with Rukky Sanda, I don’t know the title yet.

How did you get into acting?

Acting for me started with Amstel Malta, but professionally it was Rukky Sanda and Elvis Chuks.

Do you do runway modelling?

I don’t have passion for runway modelling and I have turned down a lot of jobs. But I have done two or three jobs with big brands like ThisDay Fashion Week, and two international companies.

The movie Stolen Tomorrow what character did you play?

I am the lead character. Ini Edo is also a lead character in the movie.

What is your unique selling point that you think people should leave a movie thath as the likes of Desmond Elliot and watch a movie you are in?

First, I will not advice anybody to leave a movie that as Desmond Elliot and watch a movie that IK, Desmond is a good actor and he has built a career for himself. But they can watch a movie that as IK because IK is a new brand coming up solid in the industry. I want to inject a new breathe, I want people to see my work and appreciate it, not because I am handsome. But appreciating my works will give me motivation to do more. For selling point I don’t have an answer to that, some see my eyes as the selling point to some, my tattoo and to some my lips. But I think my selling point is the ability to interpret my script every well.

You have a love child?

Yes! She’s the love of my life.

Can tell us about her?

My daughter’s name is Makaelah. She’s the love of my life, my princess. I am so proud of her. She is one year old. I love her a lot and I can’t I hide that fact.

Any regret so far?

No regret. I appreciate God for everything.

What is your view about Nollywood?

Nollywood is growing and developing a lot, things are really changing, our actors are becoming more professional, our movies are now shot for cinema. If your movie is not up to that standard it can’t be in cinema and I am proud to be part of that.

How crazy can you go on set?

When you are acting, you are not IK Ogbonna anymore you are the character you are playing. If am Melvin in a movie and Melvin is a crazy guy that can go naked, then I can go naked. But there’s a level to which I can go because I will not forget the fact that we are Africans, I could show the back side but the front is for your wife.

Rumours have it that you are romancing Adokiye, how true is this?

Adokiye is more than a sister and my best friend. And it’s good people are saying that, it shows how close we are! And I respect her a lot.

How do you intend to manage bad press?

The fact that people are talking about you, means you are relevant. A mad man can walk on the street and nobody will talk about him. They say anything it’s left to you to decide if you are really that person they are talking about! Am actually a hard working and that’s my drive.

You are a lover of tattoo?

Yes! I love tattoos. I have one Psalms 1v21 for my birthday. I have another one with the image of Jesus Christ and I have a general tattoo at my back.

How much does each tattoo cost?

If you are an artiste, you will know that art is perceived the way you view it. No doubt, I love art and I love tattoo!



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