CLASSICS: ‘My husband taught me some new techniques on our first night’ – Helen Paul

ON Monday, August 2, 2010, ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with newly wedded comedienne, Helen Paul Bamishile, popularly known and addressed as Tatafo.  The session which held at TV Continental, Ketu, Lagos, saw the petite entertainer opening up on her marriage, new project and other issues.



How has life been after the wedding?

Life has been fantastic.  You have to be acting married.  Sometimes you want to play cool and people remind you that you are married.  So, you wear that costume.  But it’s been fun.  It’s another life that is interesting.

What do you miss most about spinsterhood?

I missed the jumping around.  I used to love jumping on people. I miss the fact that you always feel like a teenager, not letting anybody know your age. I also miss some people who now feel we are no longer on the same level and they start acting strange towards me because I am now married.  I miss going out at my will. Right now, I have to seek permission from someone before going anywhere.

What do you enjoy most about marriage?

(Laughs) I enjoy being a baby again because my husband is like a daddy to me.  So, I always feel cool at home when I am with him and I pray it continues in Jesus name, Amen!

How do you juggle family life with your career?

My husband is very understanding.  I still work, I go out in the morning and get back in the evening. I go all night when I have a show.  He allows me to do my job.  For as long as there is a driver to take me around, no problem.

It is always said that the first night in marriage is always romantic and memorable, share with us the memorable romance you had that night?

(Laughs) Which night?  I had a show on my wedding night, the next day, we went to a friend’s house.  I had a show again with Denrele, then I had exams on Monday.  So, everything started on Tuesday.  But it was fine.   We were sleeping, gisting and he started touching my body, that’s all (laughs).  I also learnt some techniques of doing it better.

It is often said that you discover some shocking things about your spouse, has there been any?

Yes, the shocking thing I have discovered about him is that he became very patient and calm with me.  He makes me feel very comfortable.  Even when he hears negative things about me, he reacts in a more mature way.  He doesn’t disturb me about unnecessary issues. I see him more like a father not just a husband.  I love him so much and he loves me too.

How often do you wear that Tatafo character with your husband?

Anytime I want to beg him for something new, I wear the character.

How does he cope with that character?

He has no choice than to cope because he is my daddy, Tatafo is also a child.

Children come after marriage, how many are you expecting?

For now, we are just believing God for the best.  So, I can’t say exactly how many.  I will accept them as they come and we’ll put a full stop to it if we don’t want again, by going for family planning.

What are the pains and gains of being a married celebrity and how have you been handling that?

The gain is that you have some people who respect you more, while on the other hand, you have those who feel you’ve changed when you’ve not really changed.  People pick on little mistakes because they see you as a married woman.  So, you shouldn’t make mistakes, which is very wrong.  Some are after destroying your marriage, they say negative things about you, they condemn you everywhere they go, maybe because they want you to also be in the same shoe with them.  They are not working, they are not moving ahead, so they don’t want you to move ahead too.  But some people are just nice, they increase your money, they give you more jobs with the feelings that you are now a married woman with more responsibilities.  They want you to stand like a real woman.  God brought me up, I am in His hands and nobody can bring me down.  It can never work.

How do you handle your relationship with your male fans that it does not affect that of your husband?

My fans are my friends, my husband is my daddy.  So, the way I relate with my father is different from the way I relate with my friends.  They are my friends, I play with them since my husband cannot be everywhere with me.  They are two different relationships that I manage very well to the glory of God.

You are a young, beautiful married woman.  How does this make you feel and how do you ward off male admirers?

It makes me feel like a married baby. I tell my male admirers, ‘Thank you for your love and support.’  If I have disappointed them in any way, I am saying a big sorry to them.  They should keep praying for me.  I love them and admire them.

Ayo-Badmus-Helen-Paul-Ist-Born-HadunniAny regret after your wedding?

Regret has not entered and God will not allow me to regret.  I will never have any course to regret in Jesus name. Those that are regretting didn’t plan for it, but they should keep praying.  There is nothing prayers cannot solve because marriage is ordained by God and it’s not meant for regret.

The best position for a woman is to be in a happy, beautiful marriage.  Do you agree with that?

Yes, I do agree with that because there is nothing like a happy marriage for a woman.

You’ve really added weight after the wedding, would it be right to say it’s an evidence of good living?

Yes o, excess good living is even worrying me. I eat very well and my husband takes good care of me.

We know an accountant who knows you very well and he told us you have a lot of money?

Which accountant?  Don’t mind them, the money they think I have, they don’t even know if it’s mine or not. I am not yet rich, I am still working on myself.  It’s only a poor mind that will think he has achieved it all.  Millions is not my target, it’s trillions and it’s not all about having money but your ability to add value to your life, affect other people’s life with the money you have.  I believe God for the best.

What are you working on presently?

I already have an NGO that I am working on and what we will be doing is not like other NGOs.  It’s not about me, it’s about us.  It’s a company, I can’t do things on my own.  Our plan is to work with public secondary school students, on how to support them, because I feel private schools are already okay.  They have a way of settling themselves, but people don’t really give public schools attention, except the government.  We want to add spices to their works, we want to give them a voice to defend themselves anywhere.  But what we want to do exactly is yet to be disclosed until everything is done, we would let you know.

What would you say has been sustaining you?

It’s God.  I was from nowhere, just a receptionist and God picked me up.  Now I am a boss.  Keep being yourself, everyone cannot love you, learn to always say sorry, thank you and be honest in whatever you do.

It was recently reported that you had a misunderstanding with an artist called Bling Bling, what really transpired between both of you?

Honestly, I didn’t have any misunderstanding with any artist.  I have no problem with Bling, Bling, people just misinterpreted and misunderstood my joke.  Bling Bling is a good artist, I like her costumes, make-ups and songs.  I admire everything about her and I decided to crack a joke with it.  Then, some people started writing rubbish, that I was stylishly insulting her with my jokes. I have no problem with her and I will never have problem with anybody by the grace of God.  People only misinterpreted my joke.



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