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Colleagues speak on Olumide Bakare’s last days

‘He struggled to stay alive’, they echo

The passing away of veteran actor, Olumide Bakare on Saturday, April 22, 2017 has thrown the Nigerian movie industry into deep mourning, leaving some of his colleagues in shock.

The talented role interpreter, fondly referred to as Land lord of Oluwa La nbe Lodge, reportedly breathed his last that fateful Saturday after losing the hard fought battle to heart and lung related disease.

The renowned theatre practitioner, ENCOMIUM Weekly learnt was full of life few days to his death, but the ailment relapsed and was rushed to University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo state where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some of his colleagues, and they all described him as a fantastic actor whose death has surely created a vacuum difficult to fill.


Saidi Balogun

Saidi Balogun

‘He was a fantastic actor, a friendly man’ – SAIDI BALOGUN

It’s shocking and sad that Olumide Bakare died now. He was such a nice man, very friendly and jovial. He was a fantastic actor. It’s just that man has no power over death, that’s why. Every soul will die one day one way or the other.

On what some are saying that he died of poverty, I can tell you it’s a lie. Uncle Olumide Bakare was comfortable before he took ill, and he tried his best to save his life but it’s only that when death comes, there’s nothing anybody can do. And the fact that he solicited help from people doesn’t me he was a poor man, but the bill might be too much for him alone to bear. It can happen to anybody. As president of The Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria, that’s why I keep hammering it that we all should have health insurance scheme so that when the need arises, we won’t resort to begging. His death has surely left a great vacuum which will be difficult to fill. May his soul rest in peace.


Dele Odule

Dele Odule

‘He was a professional to the core’ – DELE ODULE

Although, I am not used to commenting on the dead, I think I have to say something about Olumide Bakare. His death was a sad occurrence in the industry. In fact, it has left a great vacuum. The man was a fantastic actor that his prowess was incomparable till death. He has been in the limelight since 80’s till 90’s  and till death. He was a professional to the core. But he didn’t enjoy the dividends of being a star which I think he deserved. He had really contributed his quota to the development of theatre industry in Nigeria. He will surely be missed by all of us in the industry and Nigeria as a whole.”


Yinka Quadri

Yinka Quadri

‘He was a brilliant role interpreter’ – YINKA QUADRI

Olumide Bakare was a very good actor, brilliant one. His death was a blow to the industry. He will surely be missed. The death came as a rude shock, but there’s nothing anybody can do about it. He was a very free and nice colleague. May his soul rest in peace.

I was shocked when I heard of Uncle Olumide Bakare. The man was nice and friendly with everybody in the industry. He will be missed by all. It’s a pity he couldn’t survive the ailment. Here was a man that has laboured enough in the industry. He didn’t joke with his job till he took ill. But God knows best.





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