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Comedian AY and wife, Mabel debunk marriage troubles

‘My wife is in my house’

This past week has sew a whirlwind of rumours, allegations and counter allegations against one of Nigeria’s finest comedians, Ayo Makun, known popularly as AY.

From being called a cheat to being labelled a woman beater, the actor and producer has borne the brunt of the most damning hearsay.

He has, however, spoken exclusively to ENCOMIUM Weekly refuting the claims in online platforms and blogs.

“My family is intact,” he told our correspondent in a phone chat, putting the rumour to bed.

Pressed for further comment and clarification specifically on his wife, Mabel, he added: “My wife is fine, she’s in my house, and we’re living happily.”

Reacting to some claims written against him in online platforms that he beats his wife, he said: “I am not entitled to respond to all the things said by bloggers and public commentators, no be una follow me pay bride price. The opinion that you people have created to convert me to a woman beater cannot take down my career. The one that the good Lord has blessed will remain blessed. No plot of the devil coming from man, from bloggers and from commentators will be able to change that. My family is intact. Thank you.”

Also quelling the swelling rumour, his wife, Mabel returned to social media after a few days off. She took to Instagram on Friday, February 26 and shared a photo of them together, captioning it “@aycomedian #mancrusheveryday”. She had earlier deleted her Instagram page (@midas_interiors) at the height of the rumours.

Ayo and Mabel tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony at Household of God Church, Oregun, Lagos, on Saturday, November 29, 2008. The union is blessed with a daughter, Michelle.

The allegations that threatened the eight-year union

Popular blogger, Stella Dimoko-Korkus reported on Tuesday, February 23, that the eight-year marriage of popular comedian, Ayo Makun and beautiful wife, Mabel was in troubled waters.

According to the report, Mabel “moved out of their matrimonial home” in Ikate, Lekki, Lagos, a move which could not be ascertained to be either permanent or temporary as at the time. She later added in another report that the comedian’s wife “packed out of your (AY’s) house with a big truck and she took everything take-able and your house is currently under lock and key…unless she returns this night”.

At the peak of the rumour, allegations were flying in from all corners, some claim the comedian cheats on his wife, and she in turn does the same.

Some even went as far as claiming that the comic merchant physically assaults his wife.

AY Makun had earlier responded to the story on Instagram. He wrote, “Some blogs are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news…and it’s not entirely the bloggers fault, bad news gets higher rating, travels faster and sells more than good news. The reality is that you will continue to hear negative information from many sources against anything that showcases your blessings and pride. Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few who are still remaining in the institution called ‘Celebrity Marriage’. It lies in our will to decide whether to discard them into the waste bin or record them into our brains!. The question is… whose report will you believe?  #Hisreportsaysiamfree #Hisreportsaysvictory #Hisreportsaysweareblessed #wecastandbind #prayfortheonesyoulove”


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