Comedian De-Don talks passionately about his family and radio show

Popular comedian, Okeremute Iruvwe, aka De-Don, is one of the top comedians on parade at the moment. He does not only get busy on stage but one of the few who run their personal shows. In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on his career, radio program and sundry issues…

De-DonWhat have you been up to lately?

We just started our weekly comedy and live music show at the Motherlan’, Opebi Road, Opebi, Lagos, Friday Nite with De-Don. The show features comedy and live music by BandDeLaVille every Friday 7pm till mid night and that’s a new project for me and I’m ready to do everything to get it to the top.

How would you rate your career over the years?

7/10 but if you allow me I will say 10/10 based on true creativity and not fame. If you have been paying attention to De-Don brand you will agree with me.

What has been the challenges so far?

So much effort we put in to convince sponsors to be part of the creative works we dish out as well as mediocres that are celebrated as top comedian but no materials to their credit.

What are the pains and the gains of being a comedian?

One major pain is getting to do a lot of free shows to be famous and the gains are numerous. The number of times you smile to the bank, endorsement, favours etc

We all know it is not easy to make people laugh, how do you do it?

I make people laugh simply by addressing everyday issue/situation with some exaggeration and comparison with a high sense of humour.

Tell us about your radio programme?

Comedy Happy Hour with De-Don is the first stand-up comedy show on radio. It runs Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm on Rainbow 94.1FM with some unique segments; Ochuko Corner, Calabar News, and Funny But True. The show has enjoyed sponsorship from the likes of Unilever, Airtel, Glo, Lucozade Boost, etc.

How did you come about it?

I thought of the fact that people are always bored in traffic and that makes them aggressive. One way I think I can be of help was to entertain them, hence the radio show.

What gave you the inspiration and the motivation?

The large population and Lagos traffic. And one major motivator is the response I get every day as well  as the sponsors.

Does your radio programme have its own particular audience?

Yes, of course. The show commands great listenership of over three million people every day from ages 16 and above in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, etc.

...with family

…with family

Tell us about your family?

I have a very beautiful and composed wife. The type the Bible describes as a virtuous woman and a very handsome baby boy.

What do you enjoy about being a father?

Like a president.

What has changed about you being a father?

My decision making and sense of responsibility, a lot things to consider before any move.

How are you enjoying marital life?

It’s a great experience. So much care and attention. In fact, I have peace of mind.

How long have you been married and what has kept it going?

For three years now.  I think planning with my wife and involving her in things I do, coupled with being sincere with each other has kept us going well.

What would you say is the secret of your success?

It has been God, consistency and hard work.

Due to your busy schedule, how do you juggle career and family?

I make time for my family, and each time I’m free I spend time with my family

How do you relax?

Doing shows gets me relaxed.


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