Comediennes are striving as much as their male counterparts. Even though they are faced with more challenges, they still know their onions and perform to satisfaction.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with top comediennes about the challenges and opportunities of being a rib-crackers…


‘Being a woman is a blessing’ -LEPACIOUS BOSE

How is life as a comedienne?

Interesting. You are in a man’s world and you are fighting for recognition. It is interesting and challenging.

What has been the gains?

I am a lawyer. If I am practicing, I wouldn’t have gained so much as I have as a comedian if I did, not as early as this. I have gained respect and recognition. My name opens doors, you call people you have not met before and the doors open for you. It has been rewarding. We dine with kings. You get to be exposed. One of my favourite pasttimes is travelling. I love travelling. I love checking into a hotel room. I can leave my house and just go and spend the night in a hotel. I love adventure.

I have traveled far and wide in Africa, United States of America and so on. Places you don’t think one would go on a good day, for instance, Uganda, Mozambique and a host of others. What would have taken me to these countries if not for comedy. It is not necessarily instant financial gratification.

What is your unique selling point?

Just being a woman. It’s unfortunate we are not being paid as much as our male counterparts. Being a woman is a blessing. It is unique.

Does being a woman pose any challenge to you as a comedian?

Yes, it does. I cannot tell you how many weddings I have been called to anchor but either the bride or groom will say she/he does not want a woman.

Only people who have heard me perform that usually invite me. Even corporate bodies have the same complain. Some people are not readily welcoming, but that makes you pull yourself together.

Has comedy changed your life?

It has changed my life. I am a vocal person. I like to express my feelings. So, I am careful of how I speak. There are things I must not say. I cannot be confrontational. Comedy has curbed my vocal personality a lot.

Comedy has made me careful as well. If I am driving and someone bashed my car, I cannot come down and be shouting at the person. At events, people expect you to drop money. They don’t want to know if you have or not. They believe you must just give them something.

The only thing I try not to change is have fun to the kilt. I don’t’ care if I need to go to a buka to eat, I just walk inside, I want to be me. I don’t allow comedy overshadow my personality. I don’t put my private life out there. No, my private life is my private life. I am extremely quiet than I should be because I am careful.

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