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Comic Actor Baba Tee and wife, Yetunde Oduwole mum over marriage break up tale

Comic actor, Babatunde Bernard, aka Baba Tee and his estranged wife Yetunde Oduwole have maintained deafening silence over the story that their two year marriage has crashed.

ENCOMIUM Weekly contacted the two parties over the development. And Baba Tee, who is a popular comic actor cum event compere wouldn’t pick our calls on Thursday, November 7, 2013. He also ignored our text message sent to his mobile phone the same day. Yetunde Oduwole who is a London society lady didn’t pick our calls either. She didn’t also reply the text message sent to her UK number.

Days back, news hit town that Baba Tee’s marriage to older lover, Yetunde Oduwole had collapsed due to irreconcilable differences. The development was made known by the actor himself on a TVC interview. He denied ever being married to Yetunde. He even showed his finger which had no wedding ring to buttress the fact that he has reverted to his single status. Since the marriage was contracted in London, many labelled the two as unserious and that the marriage may not last based on the fact that Yetunde is much older. But the actor insisted there was no big deal marrying an older lover. It was also believed in the London social arena that such marriage usually come up if one of the parties is seeking UK residence permit. They argued the Baba Tee/Yetunde union was an example.

This year, Baba Tee, in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly confirmed he has been away from his wife (Yetunde) for over seven months on the excuse he was busy in Nigeria with movies and compere jobs.

Meanwhile, Yetunde opened up to a UK online publication about the whole issue when she got information Baba Tee denied his marital status.” I sincerely thought it was going to work, I tried to make it work but I was blinded to see what he was in it for. Being my second marriage I put in all my best. I brought him from nowhere and now he wants to deny he was married to me.”

Baba Tee and Yetunde Oduwole tied the knot in London in 2011.


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