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Commentators take sides in Obasanjo, Awujale, Adenuga spat

The spat ignited by a Facebook post on Thursday, December 29, 2016, following excerpts from Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona’s book has divided onlookers.

And with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s response on the Dr. Michael Adenuga’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) saga causing excitement, opinions are divided.
Here are some comments on the imbroglio…

Mustapha Amao Kabiru:

Wahala dey oooo, this is shame from the two leaders in yorubaland.

Thank God that is Ogun VS ogun very interesting season films.


Hazeez Balogun:

The Awujale’s book minus the Obasanjo saga, would anyone have cared?


Alarma Abd-Karim Isola IX:

Everybody tells lies against Obasanjo, the only clean and upright man in Nigeria. He loves Nigeria more than any other Nigerian.

Atiku lied against him

Late MKO lied against him

Wole Soyinka lied against him

Folorunsho Alakija lied against him

Iyabo and Gbenga, his children lied against him

Now the Awujale has lied against him

Why do people enjoy lying against this upright, pious and incorruptible lover of Nigeria??


Kayode Samuel:

Amongst all the peoples of the world, only a Nigerian – especially one who lived through the era of that ace football commentator, Walter Oyatogun – can truly understand how a 1-1 scoreline can be described as a “goalless draw”! I am simply enjoying this Awujale-Obasanjo tango…


Omoba Ayo Osipitan:

On revelations from Awujale and Obasanjo, I don’t see a fight, I see God using two VIPs to expose how they got us where we are.


Mark Imohi:

My take on the feud between Obasanjo and Awujale of Ijebu Land is that they both worked against GEJ/PDP in their South-west. Hence the anguish, sufferings and hunger in the Land.


Uzoma Junior Las-Agwasiem:

When two old men (great grand fathers) begin to wash their dirty linen and exchange words on social media…Obasanjo and Awujale of Ijebuland should arrange a boxing fight and settle this once and for all…


Adelowo Abeegunde Adetunji:

Awujale stands taller in integrity than Obasanjo any day. I am inclined to believe Awujale’s detailed expository narratives of what happened between them, with names of people who were eyewitnesses to the events.

Obasanjo’s account is too watery and lacks a single eyewitness. He is somebody who has been a personification of lies in all his books and public life.

He called Condoleezza Rice -a liar; Wole Soyinka -a liar; Gani Fawehinmi -a liar; Jonathan -a liar; Benjamin Adekunle -a liar; and just called Awujale – a liar also..


Rabiu Lukman:

The feud between obasanjo and awujale is irrelevant at this time when our brorhers and sisters are dying in southern kaduna, combination of bad leaders and worse citizen.


Olalekan Adeleye:

Awujale is highly revered. Our monarch has never hidden his political inclination and his closeness to Buhari in 2015 and he is entitled to his right of association. He openly told GEJ this and he was well appreciated unlike those who pretended to be with GEJ only to betray him at die hour. We also have lots of monarch who openly endorsed one or two candidate(s).


Olaposi Oginni:

More revelations coming… My new year’s prayer is that….God will send confusion into the camps of those that conspired to put Nigerians and ogun masses into this mess…as we approach 2019.


Oba David Adenaike:

To bury the allegation of graft against him, the Balogun Owu chose the low road by assaulting the Awujale of Ijebuland.


Janet Ogundipe Fashakin:

When our leaders fight, secrets fly out in every direction…hummm…well, well…baba, I want a contract or a oil rig too o…and I am serious…to be a “billionaire” like Mike Adenuga and what is that other madam’s name again…Alakija…please count me in…


Icon Pelumi Olajengbesi:

This Obasanjo and Awujale fight is so interesting. I need a reply in an open letter to Obasanjo.


Mustapha Amao Kabiru:

As time when a politician did not respect himself that how is always end up, too much talk, baba please answer Awujale question first before I will ask u my! Questions


Abiola Odetola Olamilekan:

You don’t throw a jab at Baba Iyabo and not expect a massive counter attack.


Anfela Taiwo:

I think Oni and Alafin should act now before this issue of Awujale and President Obasanjo gets out of hand.


Okoro Patomey-Ifeanyi:

There’s no smooth sail anywhere. Even the great Mike Adenuga had it bumpy at sometime but flourished.


Moses Ochonu:

Who do I believe, Obj or the Awujale? I’ll take the word of the Awujale any day over that of the lying hypocrite and father of corruption called Obasanjo. It’s not even close.


Sunny Iyemeake:

Na a whole first class Oba, my guy dey rubbish like this, chai this one is strong!!! Lol let’s always get our facts straight

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