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Common men unexcited about 2017 budget presentation

‘We don’t expect any difference’ -They echo
As President Muhammadu Buhari is warming up for the presentation of 2017 budget before the National Assembly on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 , many Nigerians, especially the poor masses, seem not moved by the  news.
This found out among some Nigerians we spoke to who insisted that the budget cannot in any way have any positive impact on the economy and in turn on the suffering masses unless it’s properly monitored to implementation stage.

‘I am not interested in any budget presentation’ – SULAIMON ADISA

Yes, I read it that Buhari wants to present about N7 trillion budget for 2017 fiscal year, but I am not moved by such things again. Its high time Nigerians put on their thinking caps and forget placing their hopes where they will be jeopardized. We should stop paying attention to something that can’t change anything. We were kept in waiting for the 2016 budget to be read and passed, but all of a sudden padding or no padding took the whole of the year. Till now, nothing has been resolved. No poor man on the street can account for his gains of the budget. Now, another year has rolled in, story continues as usual. Nigerians are not ready to listen to stories any more but results.

‘Buhari can only read the budget, they will still pad it’- RAPHAEL IJAOLA

I am  not always interested in listening to budget presentations  because it has never affected my life positively. 2016 budget was a failure. Since then, I have made up my mind not to get worried about any budget presentation again. One thing I know is that, he can only present the budget, those in the National Assembly will still pad it. So, why do I need putting my hope high unnecessarily? I will only pray to cope with whatever comes out of it.”

‘It’s diplomatic waste of time’- CHIBUZOR ISAAC

I don’t expect anything different from the previous experience. It’s all diplomatic waste of time. So, I don’t have to put my hope on that. Budget or no budget, Nigeria remains the same. If upon all the noise by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), we’re still where we’re now, that means nothing can change again. I have lost hope in the Buhari’s administration.



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