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Commotion as sex dolls with killer figures surface

Nigerians are excited as life-like sex dolls with killer figures and artificial intelligence surface…and social media is agog with varied opinions.

As more women who feel dolls can’t replace ladies multiply, many men are happy with the trend.
Reportedly costing about N800,000, legions can wait to see what competition the dolls will give ladies.
On social media, the commotion is unbelievable.
Here are some views…

Uzochukwu Ebere Emmanuel

No light in Nigeria and you are talking about electric sex doll. Even fuel to power generator is expensive how will this sex doll survive in Nigeria under this heat / mosquito.



Does it then mean that women are mere holes and software to control the hole????



Well, what happens to procreation, human continuity and natural intelligence in the nearest future should this development fly beyond our expectations? Man daring God. I just pity the next generation.


Michael Matt

Lol. The only reason women are complaining is because they know that they don’t have anything to offer in a relationship beyond sex. Is it cooking? Men can cook, often better than women. Is it housekeeping? You don’t need a large house to be happy. Is it spending money? Yeah that is where you gals excel.

These dolls are a male reaction to the increase in gold digging narcissistic women in the west who screw over their marriage partners in divorce court or who issue frivolous accusations such as in the #MeToo and #Timesup movements. And this crappy attitude is showing up among the current Nigerian women.

If men cannot trust their women to be loyal, why waste money on human females when a robot can do the same thing. Is it any different form women using dildos? If anything, this will spur a development in Android technology i.e. increasingly more human-like robots which will revolutionize the world.

Ladies, beauty is fleeting. If you waste your youth sleeping around with different men and eschewing marriage for a “career”, do not be surprised if you end up alone in your advanced age. This is the future. If you do not want to be left behind, then you have to regain the qualities that kept a man, i.e. Proverbs 31. If not Men will continue to Go Their Own Way.


Doyin Fola

I believe it’s a free world. i wonder why women are so agitated by the issue of sex dolls, let the men have their fill and like the prodigal son they will soon be on their way back. It only proves the point that men see women in no other way than a sex machine, and I think we are worth more than that.


Eddy Two

But come to think of it… Are the girls the right one to tell the taste or we the guys…. So allow any guy to make their choice… We know how much we spend just to get only a kiss…


Alley merry law

lol! i dont blame them guys are not enough already here come sex toys again


Nicholas Alfred

God created sex to be sacred, human beings have made it for fun and also loosing the taste.. Surely what will be the need for relationships???? I really wonder where the world is heading to…


Alali Afelzy Binami

Sex doll now on sales in markets. Girls hw e go be, market don spoil ooo. No sharwama, no pizza, no recharge card, no ice cream, no suya. No stress in toasting again. Wat a monopoly in the Nigeria mark…


Onyedikachi Kwughachi

Reminds me of that portion of the Bible that says 7 women will run to 1 man and beg him to marry them. I think the time has come. By the time the doll hits Nigerian markets fully and the price drops with the availability of different types and model eg China made, American made, etc. And some upgrades as regards to fetus incubation through artificial insemination. Only then will that revelation come to pass. Women are in danger.


Marvel-leachie Nehdum Michael Nehdum

Good awareness strategy to advertise sex robots… why do I need a sex robot, any man who will go for this lack relationship ability to communicate with a woman, he has problem to interact and hava pleasure with a real woman than robot… well you can buy whatever you care….smiles


Ocaya Thomas Oroma Pen-Mogi

Women are irreplaceable, not even a million years to come technology can try that,am stuck with my superbly created beautiful sweety not computerized program doll, am not a kid please, spare me.


Wealthy Doris

This is why God knocked Adam to sleep before creating the woman (eve) because he knows how far men could go in creating. God is the master creator. All this robot woman & man thing will not work. Original is always the best. You can ask God.


Jennifer Godson

Likes attracts their likes….its only a robot that will be attracted to a robot, humans attracts humans. Any man that gets attracted to that thing(robot), na the bigger manipulated robot.


Marcel Nnamdi

I prefer the real thing any time and day. I would be ashamed of myself for stooping so low in sleeping with a doll. There’s nothing like the touch of a woman… A real woman that can tidy up her self after sex and spice me up with gist on the bed and talk about life issues not a catastrophic plastic with fake emotion, fake sense, fake sexual intercourse…


Amantle Makhuwa

If this can carry a baby for 9 months and give birth I will then be convinced to accept the challenge otherwise there isn’t anything that can replace a woman. God is much bigger than human thinking capacity

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