Commuters groan as transport fare multiplies

The harsh economy in the country has affected virtually all sectors. The transport sector has its fair share too. Both the commuters and transport workers (drivers, okada and Napep operators) can’t help but cry out as the cost of transportation eats deep into their pockets.

In Lagos, the Centre of Excellence and the commercial nerve centre of the nation, the importance of the transport sector cannot be treated with kid gloves and as such, anything that affects it affects the entire commercial circuit in the state. The ongoing fuel scarcity has almost paralyzed commerce, industry and merchandising in the state.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, commuters lamented the cost of transportation which has increased by more than 100 percent in most areas of the metropolis.


MAKANJU JOEL – What I know is that we (Nigerians) are not being treated well and it’s not as if this situation does not have a solution. It’s just that our government derives so much pleasure in maltreating us.

How can things be going this bad and we cannot even get a common word of encouragement from our leaders. If this were to be happening in the US, the President would address the masses everyday to keep them calm. But here, they don’t just care.


NWACHUKWU CHIZOBA – I stay at Ishaga and I work in Maryland. From Ishaga to Ogba now is N100. Ogba to Ikeja now N150 and from there down to Maryland is N200, sometimes if you are lucky, its N150. Is it not ridiculous that I use close to N1,000 to transport myself to and from Maryland. How much is my gain in a day that such ridiculous amount goes to transport alone. It’s so sad.


AYODELE TOMISION – I am a student of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos. This is my second year. Before the issue of fuel scarcity started, I used to take bus from Ogba where I stay to Ikeja (Allen) at N100 but now, it costs N150. From Ikeja down here (Yaba) at N150, but now, it’s either N200 or N250.

The situation is really getting out of hand, I don’t just understand.


ALADE JUBRIL – From Yaba to Ikeja, now cost N300, which used to be N200. If you get to Ojuelegba and you board a bus to Ogba, it’s now N300 flat. It used to be N200.


OLUSHINA ABIDEMI – From Pako down to Yaba is now N70, it used to be N50 but with the fuel scarcity, they’ve added N20. From Yaba now down to Ogba, you won’t spend anything less than N400 because Ikeja is now N300.


SAHEED ANUOLUWA – I came into Lagos on Wednesday because I went to school (Osun State College of Technology, Esa O

Oke) last week. You won’t believe that I had to trek down to my house here in Gardol all the way from Ogba when I ran out of cash.

I spent nothing less that N2,500 to transport myself down to Ogba from Esa Oke and I had to use my legs when I had no money left on me.


PRECIOUS BROWN – I worked at Ogba and I stay at Isale Haruna. Before the ongoing fuel scarcity, I spend N150 to transport myself daily – N100 bike to work in the morning and N50 bus back home in the evening. Right now, to take a bike down here (Ogba) costs N150 flat, bus cost N100 and going back home in the evening, bike is N200 and bus costs N100 as well. This is where we found ourselves.


TUNDE SADIQ – The astronomical hike in transport fare is frustrating. From Ikeja (under bridge) to Iyana Iba, Ojo was N250 , now it’s N400. From Iyana Iba to Egbeda and Iyana Ipaja was N100, now it’s N200.

From Volswagen, Ojo to Mile 2, was N100, now it’s N200. From Ojo to Badagry was N150, now it’s N200 and if you want to stretch your journey to Seme border, you have to add N100.

From Iyana Ipaja to Ipaja Town was N100, now its N150 – N200. From, Ogba to Abule Egba was N250, now it’s N350.

Ogba to Ishaja N100 now before N50. From Ogba to Lambe was N250 now aN300.



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