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Commuters, residents groan over Abule Egba demolition

-As trucks, petrol tankers take over minor roads and streets

The demolition of structures along Lagos/Abeokuta express road in Abule Egba,Lagos, has not been found funny by residents and commuters around the area since the partial closure of the road, which has since been affecting free flow of traffic along the route.

Most commuters are always stranded at few of the bus stops, especially Abule Egba, Awori and U-Turn. In a check carried out by, it’s revealed that almost all the minor roads and link streets are constantly busy now with some being abused by truck and tanker drivers who  damage traffic lights, electric poles and high tension wires almost daily.

The recklessness of these road users have added more to the agony of some of the residents in the area, especially Jibowu and Agbe Road linking U-Turn bus stop. A lot of diversion signs are at times ignored, even mostly by commercial bus operators, therefore compounding the situation in the vicinity.

One of the residents in the area, Mr. Olusoga Abel who spoke the minds of the people in the area on the tormenting situation expressed worry, appealing to the government to accelerate the rehabilitation in order to avoid more damages as almost half of the houses in the vicinity are in perpetual darkness.

‘Most of the streets in this area are always jam packed, especially in the morning and late in the evening due to the closure of the express road. We don’t enjoy electricity again because some reckless tanker and truck drivers have hit some of the electric poles with high tension wires. Since then, we are yet to get them repaired. Most of us now rely on generators as the only source of power.

“We’re appealing to Governor Ambode to come to our aid to avoid further problems in the area as some hoodlums may want to take advantage of the present situation and start breaking into people’s houses and committing all sorts of crimes.”


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