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Compatriots downcast over Eco bank sacking of 1,040


The news of the sack of 1,040 staffers of Eco bank Nigeria yesterday (Wednesday, June 1) has left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of compatriots who are very worried about the effect on the families of the affected employees and its implications for the economy which is experiencing one of its worst bombardment. 

The loss of jobs in various sectors of the economy and the swelling labour market, expected to reach 13 percent this quarter from 12.1 percent last quarter, have been a source of despondency and distress  for concerned Nigerians. And confused about what the government of trusted President Muhammadu Buhari is doing about the collapsing economy, they urge quick actions before hope disappears.

Read the cries of many of them…


brunofarad: It’s about to go down

Self employment is as sweet as heaven, Am my own BOSS. Nobody sacks the BOSS.


chukwukadibia10: Chai!

Is a pity, but am liking it.

God will help the 5% out there cos they are suffering for the sins of the 97%.

But self employment rocks.


onatisi: This is getting hotter day by day.

It is not even hot yet,just wait till state governments start their own then ppl will realize how true our predictions about buhari was


darlingtonIIV: And buhari said he’ll create 3million jobs In one year, but rather people are loosing their jobs


Anthony496: Eyaa God go help those people that they sack but can u believe that of them that they sack are more prilliant than some in the office now?


johnsonjosbles: Me wey treatning my boss yesterday to increase my salary or I resign! I got an aproval imidiately and my salary was increase by 40% with imidiate effect! Do you know why? Because I’m doing Job as a secretary,admin,cleaner,driver,cook…… Infact I’m a marketer sef. They refuse to employ more hand, if I com leave who go do dey do all those wok sef! I don tire for this country sef


Adesiji77: If you work in a bank, your “Plan B” has to be on standby mode at all times…


JohnLou: My God, come to our aid . Remove the Saul and give us David. The people who are the bread winner in their families are the ones being fired. Who will train their brothers and sisters now, who will pay the house rents?

God change APC as the y have changed everything to the worse.


vivalavida: Dividends of change

no one should grumble or complain oo


vivalavida: Dividends of change no one should grumble or complain oo


Goddex: Eeyaa . . . and some of them where probably chanting “Sai Buhari” Sai Baba” during last election


madridguy: I reserve my comment in respect of the affected staffs presently on this thread reading. I don’t want to add salt to their injury, feeling their pain.

May God comfort them.


speaktome: Sorry Guys!!!

Change is Constant…….

You can also Change the situation you are facing now if you had some savings against the rainy day….


mrvitalis: The truth is our banks deserve what they are getting, our banks are like over bamperd babies., they all depended on government money in there banks

The banking sector should be the driving force for diversification of the economy, banks need to invest in Nigeria, sponsors projects with great potentials

Key into they youths, we have lots of ideas, ict, agriculture, transport, education, entertainment, fashion and so on, sponsor this ideas and at the end of the day we have a sound banking system that’s unshakeable and a great economy


funkydislo: Buhari is the cause but the MD didn’t made mention of economy or Buhari?Those who read and comprehend the news,please tell us what’s the reason behind those sacking?


rusher14: Though the banks had it coming, I’m really sorry for the newly redundant. The Lord is their strength.

Time now for the banks to refocus on core banking and margins not profiteering and round tripping.

Banks should be investing in Farms, Agro Allied matters, cottage industries, keying into government projects that generate turnaround.

The present is a reflection of our past. Gnashing our teeth today is because we ignored yesterday.

Our tomorrow is what we make it.

Those who’ve been rendered surplus to requirement should endeavour to go into trade, entrepreneurship, research and development.

We are intelligent people bedevilled by wrong decisions.

Let’s learn to apply ourselves correctly.

Let’s also learn to live within our means.

Let’s forge a new society where hard work pays.

Let’s make it better.


DaGC: It sucks sad

Especially with the harsh economy and rate of unemployment.

May God comfort them.


matrix199: Blame it on the sorry state of the economy.


Montaque: To hell wIth bank job.


sauceny: Arrrrrh,mogbe ooOh….Was this the 3 million jobs we were promised during election


gift01: Very unfortunate. The Change we voted for bites hard


 Avalon316: What is going on?

These guys that live lavishly? It’s only in Nigeria that you will see a young guy with a salary of 250k driving a car worth 2.5m . That’s too much for someone with that kind of pay. No savings for the rainy day.


ShaqFu: All this sacking is unnecessarily adding to the number of unemployed.


Amanwulu1: U can’t compare a NEPA bill holder n a PHD holder anyday. Even if d phd holder is an idiot, he’ll still manage ppl, get d best out of dem and think better dan d most intelligent nepa bill holder. Tsa is bandied by apc n her suporters as an achievement n gej as being too weak 4 not crazy-hastily implementing it. We seem to b ignorant of d difference btw weakness, slowness n calculativeness.


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