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Concerned citizens back call for Buhari’s resignation as Petroleum Minister

‘He should concentrate on his duties as president’, they echo


Vast majority of Nigerian citizenry have expressed their support for the call by renowned legal practitioner and human rights activist, Barrister Femi Falana that President Mohammadu Buhari should relinquish his power as Minister of Petroleum and appoint a new person to enable him to face the enormous task of governance in line with the dictates of the mandate given him by the Nigerian masses in the last presidential election  which is already suffering due to his Ill health.

Some concerned Nigerians spoke to also echoed the call. They, however, opined that the current minister of state for Petroleum, Ibe Kachukwu and Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), Maikanti Baru be removed for their alleged disloyal services to the nation as a whole…


‘I support the call’ – ALHAJI KAREEM POPOOLA

“To be honest, the clamour for Buhari’s resignation as Minister of Petroleum is in good faith and for the good of the country as a whole. It has become obvious that Buhari can’t combine the portfolio with his responsibilities as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Not that he doesn’t have good intention but I don’t think his health can match the huge task. So, he just needs to face that fact and appoint a new man, not even Ibe Kachukwu.”


‘Buhari should just quit as minister of Petroleum’ – OBI UZOR

“I support the call 100%. Buhari hasn’t  been coping well with his job as president may be due to his poor health status. And the whole thing keeps getting worse with his ministerial portfolio. Maybe, because he is not focused. Left to me, he should just concentrate on his duties as president and give the ministerial portfolio to another person for the ministry to be well manned. And the person should be given free hand to operate so that he or she can be held accountable if anything goes wrong in the ministry in the long run.”


‘It’s obvious Buhari can’t cope as minister of petroleum’ – AGBAJE ISMAEEL

“The way the ministry is being run has shown that Buhari himself has lost focus,  and  Kachukwi being a junior minister can’t do anything reasonable.That’s why he had been suffocated by the Baru. It’s obvious Buhari cant cope as minister of petroleum again. He should just resign. Initially, Nigerians thought his body language would work in shaping the ministry. Now, I think it’s more than the use of body language. It also requires full concentration which is not possible by Buhari being the president. Also, his health doesn’t help the matter.”


‘The call is normal’ – Nkechi Obina

“There’s nothing wrong with the call.I also support it with my whole heart. The ministry has been rubbished already. And I don’t think with all what he’s facing up and down coupled with his health issues, he can’t handle the affairs of the industry successfully. So, he should just hand over to a fresh person. After all, we didn’t vote him as a minister but the president.”


‘I also love the call’ – NONSO CHUKWUEMEKA

“It’s just not normal again for Buhari to continue as president and minister of petroleum. He should just appoint another person to continue where he stopped as a minister and face his task as president. He can still continue with his anti-corruption crusade in the ministry as president.


‘It’s a beautiful idea’ – EMMANUEL NNANA

“The idea is very much welcomed, it’s beautiful he separates his office from the ministry of petroleum. He should just concentrate on real governance and give the ministry to another person. He can even empower Ibe Kachukwu, instead of making him minister of state. We need to have a full minister of petroleum this time around so far the ministry needs full attention and whoever handles the ministry now will be held responsible for any atrocity committed.”


‘It’s even belated’ – JOHN NZIKAK

“The call should have come even far earlier than now. Before, we alk thought Buhari could cope combining his roles as president with handling the affairs of the ministry. Now, it’s very clear he can’t do that. He has not even recorded any success in all sectors of the economy. I support Femi Falana’s position. But I also think both Kachukwu and Baru should as well go to usher in fresh hands because the ministry still remains our cash cow. It therefore requires being handled by honest and dedicated people.”


‘Buhari should just hand over to another person’ – MALLAM MUSA SULAIMON

“I support Buhari’s resignation as petroleum minster but not as president. The workload is too much and now that he doesn’t really enjoy good health. I think the best is to face his presidential assignment rather than adding ministerial one.”


‘Buhari needs more rest than still pretending to be petroleum minister’ – LOWO ADEGBENJO

“Although, Buhari is dedicated to the service of this country, his health has disallowed him to be focused. And our major source of income is still oil. Then, it will be risky allowing it to be ill managed. He can make Kachukwu full minister of petroleum while he steps aside.

I think he should have been aware of all what Kachukwu pointed out in his letter far earlier than now if he has been stable in Nigeria. But his health challenge had robbed him that. And no one is sure his stable his health is now. And we need to move forward. However, if he’s not comfortable with Kachukwu, he can appoint another person but not from the north.”





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