Concerned citizens recommend permanent forfeiture of Diezani’s 58 new houses

‘Court’s action unacceptable’
Many Nigerians have faulted the judgement of Federal High Court sitting in Lagos which on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, ordered temporary forfeiture of former minister of petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke’s newly discovered 58 houses located in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, valued at N937 million. They, instead, recommended permanent seizure of the wondrous property widely believed to have been acquired with the money she stole while in office as Petroleum Minister during former President Goodluck Jonathan led administration.
Those spoke to echoed that the judgement is unacceptable and should have been  critically looked into before the court handed down its verdict as it was crystal clear that the multimillion properties were not acquired with the salary of the embattled former minister.

The forfeiture should have been permanent, not temporary.’ 

“Not that what the Federal High Court did wasn’t good, but it would have been better it’s a permanent forfeiture so that others like her can learn a great lesson that looting the country’s treasury is a punishable crime. Now, Jonathan needs to be ashamed that high level stealing was perpetrated by his minister. Only one person owning 58 houses. That’s too much. What does she want to do with them?
‘She should be made to lose all now not later’
“When I heard of the story, I nearly ran mad. A woman for that matter. Does she want to tell us there’s no poor person even in her family. That’s unfair. The money they said she stole before was enough for all Nigerians to share at the rate of N5m each yet, it won’t be exhausted. So, why is the woman so greedy like that?  In fact, I disagreed with the court on that judgement. She should be made to forfeit all now, not later because justice delayed is justice denied. She’s a great thief.”
‘That’s kangaroo judgement’
“The judgemen was fake. It’s a kangaroo arrangement. Before you know it, Diezani’s lawyer will proceed to Appeal Court where the order will be over ruled. At the end of it all, you will hear that the property have been returned to her for lack of proof. That’s Nigeria for you. With what has happened now, what lesson do you expect her fellow thieves to learn?
‘I think it’s better for her like that’
“I don’t see anything wrong in that judgement. Although, she should have been made to lose all to the Federal Government since it has been established that her salary and allowances all together can’t afford her the property worth almost a billion naira quoted.”
‘I disagree with the court on that judgement’
“That judgement is part of naija season film. There’re more still coming sooner or later. The woman may still have the property back and not even go to jail at the end of it all. Jonathan should even be probed inclusive, not Diezani alone if Buhari is very serious about his fight against corruotion. How much is Diezani’s salary and allowances that she bought property worth billions of naira? I totally disagreed with the court on that judgement. The EFCC should proceed with the case and ensure the property are back in government’s hand so that others like her will learn their lessons the big way.”
‘Court should have ordered permanent forfeiture of the property’
“Instead of temporary forfeiture, why not permanent one?’
“I dont understand the reason the court said the forfeiture shouldn’t be permanent so far everybody know there’s no how a normal human being could get that kind of money to acquire those property within that period. To start with, how much is her salary? I think the court was wrong.”
‘The judgement was okay but should be followed to the letter’
“I don’t see anything wrong in the judgement. The court is still in order by placing a temporary forfeiture order on Diezani’s alleged property pending the outcome of the investigation by the EFCC concerning the true ownership of the property. The only thing that can pain Nigerians is if the case is later swept under the carpet.”
‘I am not okay with the judgement’
“The reason for the temporary forfeiture is, to me, not genuine. I believe the EFCc might have carried out its investigation adequately before arriving at charging her to court. It’s obvious the woman really stole our money. Even, more property will still be discovered within and outside Nigeria, all in her name. So, why delaying justice on that? I am not comfortable with the judgement at all”
‘Government should auction the property and return the money to the treasury’
“I don’t know why the court said temporary.There should be anything like temporary in this matter. Government should auction the property and return the money from where it came, simple.”
‘It’s just a way if prolonging the issue’
“There’s nothing like temporary forfeiture. It’s just a way of prolonging the matter. Even, apart from losing the property to the government, she should also be sent to life imprisonment because she killed a lot of Nigerians indirectly. So, Nigerians are expecting the outcome of the case when it gets to the apex court which will have the final say.”

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