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Condemnations greet jungle justice 

Jungle justice is becoming a daily occurrence in Lagos State as people vent their anger on suspected cultists, ritual killers and robbers without allowing the law to take its course. And innocent citizens have lost their lives as a result.
Should we continue to take the law into our hands or allow constituted authorities do their work? sampled opinions of Lagosians…
Akin Ajayi

I think jungle justice is becoming rampant, most especially in Lagos state. People should just not hear that word thief, they swing to action, beating and eventually killing the so called thief. I think it is not ideal to apply jungle justice on anybody even if found guilty. Let Police do their jobs. Some of those victims are usually innocent, the society has killed a lot of innocent people, it shouldn’t continue. Police should start arresting people who apply such verdict on others. They should be prosecuted and jailed and they should ensure they publicise their judgement so that others can learn.
Chibuzo Chinaso

Why wouldn’t jungle justice continue when custodians of the law partake in applying jungle justice on people. I have watched a video where a mobile police officer was present while a citizen was lynched. Of course I don’t support jungle justice. More awareness needs to be created especially in times like this. The type of awareness given to Ebola and terrorism should be given to jungle justice.
Zion Olayinka

A lot of people are disappointed in the judicial system, there are cases that have been thrown out of the court which shouldn’t be. That not withstanding, jungle justice should not be encouraged. No matter our grievance as a society, we shouldn’t take the law into our hands. I think there should be another approach. Eye witnesses of jungle justice should report to the police, the leader of that community should be prosecuted if such should happen within their jurisdiction. There should be more awareness about it as well.
Emmanuel Ajose

A lot of people don’t know the penalty for jungle justice, that is why the part take in it. Some will even do the recording. More awareness should be created, they should emphasize punishment for offenders and there should be reward for people who report to police immediately a victim is caught.

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